Thursday, October 18, 2007


I don't have much to update you on, except some cool news. A group of my friends took pity on me and pooled their resources to fly me out to Regina AND put me up in a hotel there for a weekend! I'm going to visit my sweetie!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!! I have the GREATEST friends in all the world!!! I leave November 2nd and come home November 5th, and my mom is going to come down to Langley to take care of the boys here at our house. I am SO EXCITED!!!!! And not to see Saskatchewan, per se. I feel awefully guilty leaving the boys behind but am positive we can't afford to fly them, nor would it really be much fun for me to corral them on a plane by myself, and in a hotel room all weekend, trying to connect with Brent over the tops of their heads, and over their constant chatter. They'll see him at Christmas, which is just around the corner.
Plus, the best gift I can give them is a good marriage.
Yahoo!!!! Three cheers for awesomely generous friends!!!


Dawn and Dale said...

Oh Melissa!!!! That is AWESOME!!!!

Since deciding to take that trip to Mexico with Dale..I've been really starting to realize how important it is to take care of your marriage first!! All else will work out if your marriage is great!!

I'm soooo happy you're going to go see Brent!! I was just talking to Billie on monday night at home group saying... "I have no idea how Melissa does it!!!"

Have a GREAT time!!! (You need a countdown ticker on your blog now like me!!! lol )

tamie said...

yay for you! i am so glad for you.

Roboseyo said...

:) happy roboseyo

Daen said...


What a blessing. SO happy for you.

Louise said...

Yay! Very exciting:)