Friday, November 23, 2007

Addendum to Spumoni + Vagina

Another stranger question faux pas with regard to families with children adopted from asia has prompted my friend to design a t-shirt that reads:
"Is her dad Chinese?
I don't recall
-it was dark"


Roboseyo said...

awesome. just awesome. love it. i want one, even though I haven't adopted a kid from asia.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Hey this sounds familiar!
How are you doll? I have not seen you around the parking lot much.
We're good.

Tonya said...

Oh, that is good. I'm passing it on to my sister-in-law who is a foster parent (hopeful to adopt) a beautiful girl who is African American/Spanish. Oh, her daughter asked how they were going to understand her when she starts talking, since she's Spanish. :-) Kids are GREAT!