Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ayden's latest hits

On the drive home from work/grandma's house tonight, Ayden made up a little song for us captive listeners, and it went to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"
"Welcome to my house! My God is biiiiiiig. My family is boooooring, I have a boring family because my parents are boooooring!"
I started laughing and in all seriousness he stopped midsong and asked me,
"Mommy, what's funny?"
I explained about the humour inherent in singing about your boring family, and he got offended:
"It is NOT a funny song, mommy. It is a song about what I sing when my friends come over to play."
"So it is not supposed to be funny?"
So I had to pretend not to laugh for the rest of the drive home.
"My family is so booooooring, I have two parents, a mom and a dad, and I dooooon't like to play with them that's why I'm glad you are heeeere! My family is boring...."
I must also add that he pronounces his 'ls' as 'ws' so it sounds more like "My famwy is so booooring, I don't wike to pway with them, my famwy is boring!"

Yes, edible. So sweet and SO hilarious.

Yesterday I had 24 hours off so I was home in the daytime. It was great! We lounged around in our pyrjammies until noon, playing and whatnot, and after lunch we went to the park. It was cold, but the sun was trying its best to shine so we took advantage. Ayden rode his bike and Matthew opted to be pulled in the wagon (I was thankful he wanted to do this, as he gets tired of the roadrunner shuffle on his trike and hasn't figured out his two wheeler well enough for a long ride yet). Ayden was raunchy grouchy when we set out, screaming and throwing his snack at me, punching my legs and turning red. For some infraction. I think I refused to get him MORE of the snack I had packed because I knew he wouldn't eat more or something.
Anyways, he was also angry that we were going at all; he wanted to ride bikes in our complex. This is boring for everyone. Once we were close to the park he calmed down and stopped ramming his bike into the wagon (bless the LORD for granting me superhuman patience some days) and became cheerful and cooperative. I lay on a bench at the park and watched them out of the corner of my eye as they climbed trees, went the wrong way up the slide and down the steps, stomped in mud puddles, dragged the wagon around with Matthew's 'baby' in it (a stuffed lamb), planted branches in the garden area in hopes they would become trees, and hunted for bugs. Ah, boys. I never appreciated boys before I had them. Probably because I didn't understand them, but now I do!
I love being able to be present but not vigilant as a parent. They play together beautifully when they are not fighting.
On the way home we stopped at the corner store for a treat; all three of us picked ice cream even though it was only 6 or 7 degrees out :p
It was a fantastic afternoon and I'm very, very glad to have had it. Tomorrow's shift marks the second of SIX days in a row of 12 hour shifts, yuck, so I'm glad I had the opportunity to relax and play a bit on my ONE day off. The person who draws up the schedule every month gave me the worst schedule for November because I have the odd one day off here and there but rarely 2 in a row. I specifically asked for days off in a row. December I think I'll manipulate the days I'm available for so he's forced to give me more than 24 hours off at a time; this is too much!!


Tonya said...

Glad you had a day off from work! Yes, isn't it wonderful when our kids play together! Some days I will have all 4 kids playing together in a room. I usually sit down with a cup of coffee and breathe. :-)

Roboseyo said...

Hey friend. I really enjoyed reading this post (did you see my answer to your post over on my turf?)

Any specifics to rant about (e-mail's good for that -- i still check my e-mail every day)

here's an interesting question:

does raising to little boys give you insight on the makeup of the men you know? just 'cos all those men were probably at one point quite similar to the boys you seem to want to eat now? I remember planting sticks and thinking they'd become trees, and going up the slide and down the steps because it's funny to do things opposite (do you ever have opposite day with your boys? I had that once in a class: "everybody be noisy!")