Friday, November 30, 2007


Brent called today: the RCMP has determined which province each cadet in his class will be assigned to. We got BC!!!! Hooray!!!! Which means I won't have to switch employers, and we won't have to move ridiculously far away from all family. Yippee!! Great news. We find out which exact community we will be posted to around Christmas.

I've booked painters to come next week, and have ordered new carpet and will book when we find out when it is due to arrive...all in preparation for the possibility of moving, and selling our house.

Good news!!



Louise said...


Dana said...

That is AWESOME!!!

Dawn and Dale said...

That's so great for you guys!!

If you get Mackenzie...housing I quite possibly have a house for you to buy!!! ;) lol

We had another huge mill shutdown announcement yesterday here....Dale's mill this time. :(

Not looking good for us here right now...haven't blogged about it yet...cause I'm still in shock and sad...

Tonya said...

That is great news, Melissa. You're doing great. It really is almost over. Christmas will be here so soon. January will go painfully slow, but then you are done! :-)

tamie, the tamie said...

that IS good news! keep us posted!