Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cool calls

Some days I'm ready to throw in the towel on my job. Not today!
Motorcross is still in town. Today one of their flaggers got hit during a race, and knocked her right out. We drove right onto the track to do our assessment, scoop, and stablization. Very cool. And layered with ALS, which I like because I love to learn and our ALS crews are (mostly) great teachers and very accomplished at their job. So we scooped and off we went, so fun. I still advise against motorcross activities. This woman had a serious concussion and possibly a broken vertibra or two, and she wasn't even racing!

Our other cool call of the night was an hour's hike up a mountain in Yarrow, in the dark, with search and rescue, to gather up a dirt biker who snapped his lower leg bone while out in the bush with his (adult) kids. Also very interesting! As we were hiking up and I was getting some inadvertant exercise, I was grinning that someone was PAYING me to do this fun stuff! Because we BLS crews have very little to offer along the lines of pain control, one of our ALS guys came with me on the hike, and my partner stayed behind as the driver for the other ALS guy. This was very fun as well; I tried to start an IV in the dark by the light of a flashlight and totally blew it, but hey, I tried. We also had a paramedic student with us so we had an awesome teaching opportunity for him and I got to impart some advice in one direction and learn some new stuff in the other direction. Very cool!!
That call took 3 1/2 hours, total. Search and rescue has some very cool toys, as well...we put him on our backboard and SAR put him in a basket stretcher and then on what they call "the wheel" which is just a large wheel with shocks on a frame that goes under the basket and carries all the weight, and minimizes the bumps a bit, and 8 guys pull the basket along on its wheel, with one (in this case) woman belaying a rope from around a tree just in case of someone slipping, tripping, or falling in the mud, leaves, and debris lying around on the trail. In the dark. We worked amazingly well as a unit, despite being two different agencies who don't see each other all that much; we got to the bottom of the trail and hiked up with the few SARs who were there, did all the medical stuff while they congregated, and let them do the extricating. It was seamless. It was a work of art. Our patient was very comfortably high on morphine so it didn't hurt him much! :)
My sister is here now, helping me look after the kids. She's wonderful! I don't want her to go home! Boo hoo!
Ayden is starting to show signs of really reaching the end of his emotional rope. I don't know if it is Brent's absence or a developmental stage, or possibly both, but he is velcro boy right now. I had to leave him BAWLING at the front door when I left this afternoon for work, holding his arms out for me and screaming "Mommy! I just want one more hug!" Which, of course, is not just one more. It is the tenth or eleventh hug since I told him I had to leave, and I'm running VERY late, and there is no comforting him. I actually had to peel him off me to get out the door. Matthew has stopped asking me, "Daddy home?" when we're returning from an outing. He just looks sad a lot. At least his nightmares have stopped. Near the end of August and the beginning of September he was waking up every night several times, and every nap several times, screaming from nightmares. Those are gone now, and I pray specifically that he won't have them every night before he goes to sleep, so I hope they stay away.
I'm done in. I sure hope the second half goes faster than the first half.
I'm also lonely. Anyone want to visit? Email? Comment on my blog? Existentially I suppose I'm no more alone than I normally am, but it sure doesn't feel like it.


Dawn and Dale said...

I LOVE you!!!!!

I'm also loving reading your blog!! keep at it!!!

Praying for you guys!!

Tonya said...


I read your blog every day! I'm always thrilled when you've posted. Most days I check more than once, just to see if you posted in the middle of the day. I'm a devoted follower. :-) I will make it my goal to remember to pray for you every time I check.

Tonya said...

I forgot! One more thing. Very funny joke I made up. This will help you remember that it is not all lovey dovey when your spouse is around. :-) Ok, so what do you get when you cross a PMS'ing, sinus infected, sleep deprived wife with a grumpy husband? You get a raging lunatic and an even grumpier husband. :-) Just telling little tales on myself for you!

Roboseyo said...

Hey there Melly-cat. Roboseyo still reads your blog every day. I love the pictures, and your paramedified blood stories are BADASS! Usually my blood all stays in the right places, but it's cool to read about all the funny places you find it.

re: second halfs: you can do it!

usually in my experience, second halves are about as difficult as first halves (maybe a shade easier because you already know the shape of the beast, but then a shade harder again because it's been so goldurn long!), but second halves are redeemed by the fact that usually, the time goes faster. (I think. I hope. I'll pray.)

tamie, the tamie said...

you CAN do this!!! i know what lonely feels like, although i don't know what it's like to be a mom and have small beings constantly dependent on me. i check your blog all the time, and love reading it. also, i pray for you. you're going to be okay. you are. and just think how much more patience and compassion you'll have for single parents after this!! which may not be much of a consolation, but maybe down the road it will be....

hang in there.