Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For Tonya;

I'm praying for you too. It's never easy being the single parent, no matter how long or short! You make me howl. I think feeding them and keeping them warm is required...I lost my instruction book though, so I'm not 100% sure.

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Roboseyo said...

Well, mel, if you lost your instruction manual, here's a tip from Roboseyo.

(remember the day we decided I'd only give you the worst child-rearing advice I could imagine, to balance out all the un-asked-for stuff?)

Threaten to eat them as often as possible. It used to work with my seven year old students. You can even tell them you ate Brent, and that's why he's not around -- because he made you angry. (then, when he comes back, they can be pleasantly surprised)

This should be a snap for you -- you regularly describe them as delicious.

Also: evolution has designed the human body to crave what's good for it, so if they beg for candies and cookies, obviously their body needs them.

And don't let them get too much into books, because then they'll read, strain their eyes, need glasses, and get teased in grade school, which is the worst possible thing for your kid's future -- I was, and look how I turned out.

anybody else have some good advice for Mel, since she lost her instruction manual?

from Roboseyo the sick twisted puppy (eater)