Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fun with Daddy


Dana said...

Ayden's smile in the first picture says it all!!!

Dawn and Dale said...

I was thinking what Dana was thinking!!!! :)

I was thinking about your boys this weekend and how happy they must be to see Daddy again!! Billie and Brian were here last night and they were saying they were going to Regina in January for Brent's graduation!!

In a way I couldn't believe it was almost time for him to be done!! In some ways it seems quick and yet when I think about you living everyday as a single mom for that long feels like forever to me!! lol

Hope you had a GREAT weekend together!!!!

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Yay! Daddy's home!! Thanks for posting pictures!

nancy said...

Brent, you are so skinny! It was great to see you all together today. We are SO happy to be back home, with the big nasty event behind us.
love mom and dad