Monday, November 26, 2007


Dreary days. The weather is so gloomy at 1:30 in the afternoon that it is dark enough for all the lights in the house to be how dark it is when the sun has hit the horizon on a cloudy day.
Not loving November.


Mama Monk said...

I Hear you!! BOB MARLEY! PUT ON BOB MARLEY! He is the answer to dreary weather--



Tonya said...

I sort of read this other blog. I think you would like it (she's Canadian!). The address is:

Today she talked about nurturing creativity. Thought it sounded very much like what you expressed about painting.

Roboseyo said...

I'm with Mamamonk here. Play bob marley. And Cat Stevens if you get tired of him.

dreary days are days when I like to sit by a window and edit poetry.

. . . her outright enthusiasm makes me think Mama Monk has been waiting, lurking for months on your blog, waiting for you to complain about the weather so she could recommend Bob Marley to you. . . maybe I'll complain about the weather on MY blog and see if she does the same to me! (hee hee hee)

I'm also with Tonya: LOVED your post about painting.

It's funny how the things that put our mind back in order when we're feeling blue are so often the first things dropped from our daily schedule when we DO feel blue. it's the same for me.