Sunday, November 25, 2007


It's funny, whenever I go through a busy or difficult time in my life, I get "too busy" to pick up a paintbrush and create. Or "too distracted," or "too something." When will I learn? When I paint, I feel more alive. I use my intuition and intelligence and feel lifted above all my roles into an active conversation with God that I never want to leave.
When I pack my paints away again I feel happy, calm, imperative.
For me the calling of mommy is often this strange mix of imperative yet invisible. Everything yet nothing. When I disappear into my creative space, I come out feeling imperative. Perhaps because I've communicated with S/he who created the universe and felt loved?
The divine smiles on me when I paint. I'm grateful.


Jen & Andrey said...

Wow! Those are amazing! I wish I could paint like that. Is it just me or do i see fetus-filled wombs and alveoli? that's awesome.

Jen & Andrey said...

ok maybe not wombs but heart chambers. my mind goes straight to the childbirth. it's where my brain lives these days.