Saturday, November 17, 2007

p.s. to chaps my ass

Thank you rob & tonya for your thoughtful comments! I agree.
I would also like to add that, while one of my centering, perspective building, calming activities is working, I recognize that this is not universal. In fact, I simply believe that all moms need a semi-routine activity or activities that centre them, and for each person this is different. If this activity is outside the realm of their home and family (even if performed within it), it helps her maintain a sense of who she is individually, and builds her sense of worth. This is vital. We are all like cars: our gas tanks get low and we need to fill them up in order to continue driving! One mom I know loves cooking, another pottery, another exercise, another photography and writing, and etc...I have several things that fill up my tank, and work is one of them.

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Tonya said...

This is a subject I have spent much time thinking about. There are many times I NEED a break. So, I used to go out for coffee, go for a run, read a book, etc. But, it never completely worked - very temporary, I never felt as good as I thought I could or wanted to. The more I felt that way, the more I realized that what I really needed to "fill me up", "center me", the only thing that would help me to really feel refreshed is ... time alone with God. Now, that is not to say that running or coffee or working or whatever isn't a good thing, or even a "centering" thing. I still love a run. I do try to spend time praying or listening to worship music while I run. I guess I just know now that when I really feel like I need a break, the best thing I can do is to spend time with God - ALONE. :-)