Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sea Creatures

Ayden is really into ocean life right now, and his dad sent him a new book about sea creatures that makes him so excited he actually vibrates. This kid never stops wiggling until he's actually asleep! Tonight we were making funny fish faces and making up silly types of fish that COULD live in the sea. He invented the Kissing Fish, and demonstrated how the Kissing Fish just kisses people "WIKE DIS, MOMMY!" smooch, smooch, smooch on my cheeks and hair. "AND DE KISSING FISH JUST KISSES EVERYBODY AWW DE TIME! AND DE KISSING FISH IS AWSO CAWWED DE DOING-WHAT-GOD-SAYS FISH, BECAUSE DE KISSING FISH WOVES EVERYBODY! AND SHOWS EVERYBODY HE WOVES DEM BY KISSING DEM!" As you can see, he does everything full volume, especially when vibrating about sea creatures.
Funny, the bedtime story routine was originally intended to lull them to sleepyland...

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