Monday, November 12, 2007

Sisters, storms, and support

Thanks to my faithful friends for your comments and prayers and is good to be not entirely alone. It is awesome to hear from you!
Today marks 12 days until Brent flies home for a 39 hour visit. Argh. 12 long days. I am hoping to remember to ask him to put up the christmas lights and for us to go together to buy a tree...will a tree bought the end of November last until christmas, do you think? I'm wondering if a brown tree would bring ambiance or just be tacky? Yes, yes. I know about the fire hazards of dead trees with electrical wires wrapped around their branches, and little hot lights placed every 2 to 3 inches or so. Ha ha. I don't know that I'll really ever get around to actually putting up the christmas lights myself and what kind of aweful mother would deprive her children of the experience of having a string of lights around their front window, garage, and lower eaves? We have very pretty, rainbow coloured lights, too. Oh, christmas! Maybe that season will cheer me up, and then when it is over it will be only one month until this whole loneliness exercise is complete!
Anyways, I finally scooped up the rotten pumpkins from our front stoop today and put them in the garbage. They leaked rotten juice all over my hands, arms, tummy, legs, and feet. I'm sure the neighbours are grateful the soggy, collapsing eyesores are gone. I have a rotting kids' picnic table in my backyard too. How welfare of me. The neighbours are proud, I'm sure.
I LOVE my sister; she cleaned and cleaned and cleaned my kitchen: it is now a mess again, but that's how kitchens was better than ice cream to come home to a clean kitchen and a tidy living room, and two clean kids in pyrjammies (aydenism) who have already had stories read to them, waiting for a cuddle before bed. Oh, happy day. If only Megan could move here from Victoria and live with me always!
We drove her to the ferry today in the biggest windstorm I've seen in several years...the ferries were cancelled for most of the day...I just left her there and prayed, because she didn't want to wait at my house and I had to leave for work mid afternoon, so I don't know if she ever made it. The wind died down and the sun came out late afternoon so I'm sure she must have, but I felt for her!
I'm feeling this week like I have had enough, as you all know because I have shared that with you, but I'm noticing it manifesting itself in daydreaming. I'll be sitting in the hallway folding laundry with my mind in some other region, country, or galaxy, and suddenly one of the kids will holler for me and I'm startled out of my daydream back to the reality of a million unpaired socks and two big stacks of spiderman underwear, and two needy boys. They're like leeches. I've been bled! I don't have any more! Ahhhhhhh! Hellllllp meeeee! I'm withering away into nothing!! Kidding. They're not leeches. But I notice that every time I'm thunked out of my reverie I'm grouchy. "Mommy?" "WHAT?!" "Um, can I have a banana?"


Tonya said...

When I space out like that, Eric says I'm "checking out". He's right! The kids can be saying "Mom, Mom, Mom, MOMMMMY" and I just don't hear them.

I'm husbandless for a few days myself here. But just a very few, so no complaining from me! I will remember to pray more for you during this time.

All right, I have 2 boys needing me. "I'm hungry and I'm cold!" Geez, I'm supposed to feed them and keep them warm? :-)

Jen & Andrey said...

oh girl. i can only imagine how shitty this is for you sometimes. i'm sorry. i wish i could help! i'm reminded to pray. i can do that. hang in there.