Thursday, November 8, 2007


Yesterday evening I was grouchy. I had THIS kind of a morning:
Ayden woke me up for an hour from 3 to 4 a.m.
I got up for my alarm at 5 a.m.
I left for work at 6, arrived at 20 minutes to 7, and was promptly teased for being an hour and 20 minutes early for work.
I could have slept another hour.
I went to the bathroom and clogged the toilet, which overflowed and flooded into the ambulance bay below.
I plunged said toilet for 45 minutes attempting to unclog the toilet, without success.
I had to approach MAD BOSS (see last week's post) and confess above toilet issues.
If I had any pride, it's gone now.
THEN our pager goes off and our first call of the day was a penis call.
Any call involving genitalia (except maternity calls--we like delivering babies) is generally not a call we look forward to.

Our calls yesterday were mostly uninteresting (after that penis call, which was just in a category all its own) and as I was driving home I saw the helicopter ALS crew land on the freeway for a rollover car accident that closed the highway in the other direction from that which I was travelling (thank you LORD), and I was jealous. I wanted to be there, digging through tempered glass and crumpled metal to rescue someone, instead of taxiing around penises stuck in zippers, and old ladies with the flu. Or drunk guy sleeping on the sidewalk.
This job is more boring than I suspected when I signed up 5 years ago.

I did meet a very interesting woman in her late 80s who told me a cool story:
When her mom was pregnant with her (1919) she caught the Spanish Flu so bad that she almost died. She gave birth so sick her body wouldn't make milk for her baby and they lived in too remote a place to have access to any other milk, so her sister, who had a five week old baby and who did not have the flu, took the newborn and breastfed it for her sister. The baby lived with this aunt and her family until she was old enough to get by on solids, and then went back to live with her biological family.
How fascinating!! The bio mom did not die; she went on to give birth to 4 more babies for a total of 9 (!) children. The aunt's family always considered my patient as a member of THEIR family, since she lived with them for the first months of her life. How wonderful, to have not one but TWO loving families to gather around you as you walk through life. I wished I could ask things like, "How old were you when you went back to living with your bio family? Did you have difficulty adjusting to being back with your bio family? Did you have difficulty with attachment? Did your bio mom have ambiguous or jealous feelings towards you/your aunt? How did your aunt feel when she had to let you go?".....obviously adoption related questions for me......but I thought this woman's story fascinating.
Yay for breastfeeding! Another life saved.

Today was much better. I had no grouchies. I had more patience for the old ladies with the flu. I didn't clog any toilets. When I picked the boys up, they had on spiderman party hats and wore them in the car, where they fell asleep. When I got home and looked back at them with their heads slumped over at impossible angles and party hats askew, I could have eaten them they were so delicious. So cutely delicious.


Dawn and Dale said...

Wow!! That did sound like a bad day!!!

Glad it got better though!!

You're a GREAT writter!!

Louise said...

My grandma also nursed a neighbour kid until the child was on that's community! Glad the ending of your day was a whole lot better than the beginning!

tamie, the tamie said...

Dude. You are one tough cookie.