Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Visit to Regina

I can't post much because it is painful to think about the fact that we're apart again, but I had a wonderful weekend with my better half in Regina. We both needed the break from hectic home/hectic school, and we spent every second together. Our hotel had a fitness room so we even worked out together! We ate some awesome food, walked around Regina for hours (quite beautiful! lots of character!), watched movies, and slept in. I'm very, very grateful for this opportunity to spend time together. Here is the ONE pic we took all weekend 2 minutes before I had to drive Brent back to base on Sunday night!


Louise said...

Yay!!! SOunds like you guys had a lot of fun and a lot of relaxing. Anything without kids sounds like a honeymoon to me!

Dawn and Dale said...

Ahhh!! Your post even made ME cry!!!

Look at how happy Brent is!!! I'm sure that weekend was just as needed by him as it was you!! Soooo happy you two had a weekend together!! What wonderful friends you have!!

Now the countdown to Christmas is one!!! (I still have NO IDEA how you do it girl!!!)

tamie, the tamie said...

I'm so glad that you had a good time with Brent. You can do this! Hang in there!

Roboseyo said...

aww mel. . . my heart goes out to you.

my uncle ever spent more than two days away from his wife after they met, for years -- then once he took a two week trip (I think it was to the netherlands) and said he'd never do it again.

I admire your self-control in inner strength so much in what you're doing.


Mama Monk said...

Hi Melissa--

SO glad you have this time together. I hope it is rejuvenating for you--