Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yes, now I have to live in my BOring house!! Likely we'll sell anyways sometime this spring, and move to a different house in the Langley area. We'd like a nicer neighbourhood, a playroom, and a bigger garage or a storage shed. Proximity to parks and a nice school would be fantastic, too.
Baby is making me sick, sick, sick. Thursday was the first day I felt sick all day, as opposed to just a few hours in the afternoon, and the nausea has gotten progressively worse for the past three days. At least I don't have to worry about miscarriage when I'm sick as a dog! It seems that driving in a moving vehicle makes my nausea great that I work in a moving vehicle. This is going to be a long trimester. Though I'm now halfway through! That was quick! :) I don't remember being THIS SICK with Ayden but it has been five years so maybe I don't remember all that clearly.
Today we PICKED UP BRENT at the airport, wahoo! And then drove to Vancouver for my university friends' surprise 30th birthday party, where we go to catch up with many old, wonderful friends. And I ate the most fantastic brie and bacon sandwich EVER! My favourite breakfast of ALL time is Eggs Benedict and I like all versions, including smoked salmon, spinach and garlic, and your classic ham. However, when I'm pregnant I cannot eat eggs, so the Benny was out. Brie and bacon was a good substitute.
Once, when pregnant with Ayden, I decided to try and trick my body into eating Eggs Benny by smothering it in extra hollondaise and eating it really quickly...that was a really gross mistake. I seriously considered trying that again today (who ever said humans were intelligent creatures?).
We then went to Home Depot and bought a really nice tree for only $15, because it is so close to Christmas. Hooray!
Our house is still in shambles: if one wants to take a shower, one has to CLIMB over furniture, rubbermaid containers of toys/books/odds and ends, and piles of quilts/towels/pillows, a pile approximately four and a half feet high, to reach the tub. Then pull the shower curtain, undress, throw the clothes over the top of the curtain rod, and have a shower. If one forgets their soap/washcloth/towel, tough luck. One must also dry off in the shower stall before attempting to climb back over the pile, so one doesn't get the pile wet. Musty. Slippery.
The other upstairs bathroom is completely full of furniture, and the downstairs bathroom has no shower in it.
The carpet looks nice, though!
And the tree is up!
If only I could find all those gifts I purchased...

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Tonya said...

Merry Christmas Melissa! Who needs presents when Daddy is home? Who needs furniture in place when Daddy is home? My guess is the kids haven't noticed. :-)