Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Christmas news

Well, friends. It appears that 39 hours is really all one needs in 6 months, if one is planning on having a baby. If one is Melissa Vose, married to Brent Vose. Baby Vose #3 due to make an appearance August 16th. Wahoo!! *note: wahoo is how matthew pronounces yahoo, and I've recently adopted it as my own*
So now I'm six weeks pregnant. I've been wanting to hyperanalyze how I feel and compare it to last time, on my blog, but have not really had much chance to do so as of yet. Which is my main observation: this time I have not much time to mull and pout and hang around in bed with a book and a piece of toast and feel sorry for myself. Instead, I kind of notice I'm sick while I run around doing the business of life.
My main feeling is JOY! I have been wanting to get pregnant and have another baby for almost three years, but Matthew came along, and then we were getting used to being the Vose four, and then I was still in school, and then Brent was going away, so it never seemed to be the right time. Now is the time, folks!
Advent this year really is full of waiting, and mystery, and infants, for me.

Heart started beating last week sometime. That lump in the middle is the heart. Heart! Wow, cool.


Roboseyo said...


wow, baby pictures sure start early these days.

leads to the question: do ultrasounds belong in the family photo album?

on my sister's blog, I said that ultrasounds are the new generation's embarrassing baby bathtub picture. . . not that baby bathtub pictures will ever go out of style.

love you mel!

tamie, the tamie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am very happy for you (all)! Keep us posted!