Monday, December 10, 2007

I jinxed myself

With my last post, I jinxed myself. Our next call was shitty pants.
LOL!! POO! Down on POO! God sure thought to humble us when he made poo. How can we fool ourselves into thinking we are so great and so wonderful and so intelligent, when we also, without fail, make poo every day? And, when we get sick, every 15 minutes, in the ambulance, in a bedpan (and etcetera), during a two and a half hour transfer. Ohhhh, I earned my money this morning, I tell you.


Roboseyo said...

it consoles me sometimes to think that shakespeare had to take a break in the middle of writing "to be or not to be" to take a crap.

and in those days, with the technology they had and such. . . his toilet paper was probably scratchy.

maybe being me isn't so bad after all.

(new post over on my blog. go see. . . you might like it more than the previous two)

Tonya said...

Any time I find my self interested in a man other than my husband, all I have to do is remind myself that "he poops". That is enough to end all interest! :-) I guess it just reminds me that he is human and does gross stuff (not just poop) too. Yes, I am strange. But, it works! :-)

Hey, is the thing on my comments public?