Friday, December 14, 2007

My apologies if I seem more negative than usual these past few posts:

My day:
8:00 a.m. wake up one hour late and throw on clothes, toss boys in car, and head for preschool
8:10, hit Tim Horton's (for the second morning in a row: one is okay, two is bad motherhood)
8:37 approach Ayden's school
8:37 am informed by honking, concerned, man in Jeep, that I have a flat tire
8:37 drop Ayden off at school and see flat tire for myself
8:49 call BCAA
9:10 BCAA arrives and pumps up my tire for me to get me to a repair shop
9:30 arrive at Costco to get tire repaired, only to discover (again) that Costco opens at 10
9:35 arrive at mall to buy Ayden (and sneakily buy Matthew's) christmas present
10:00 re-arrive at Costco to fix tire; am informed this is not possible
10:15 get gas, re-fill rapidly deflating tire, worry about where to go to get tire fixed...
10:30 phone father in law who recommends Canadian Tire AND recommends replacing both rear tires
It is too close to pickup time for Ayden after preschool for me to get the tire repaired NOW, so I go home and have a shower
11:30 pick Ayden up at preschool, check tire, hear air whistling out of tire
11:45 arrive Canadian Tire with totally flat rear passenger side tire
12:00 walk with 2 boys and crappy stroller to Ricky's, 1/2 block away, in the rain. So much for blow drying my hair.
restaurant experience a gong show as usual: crayon on table top, chair toppled over once, table top is noisy drum surface for my boys, orange juice is spilled, and both boys are hungry, I am about to faint, and everyone is crabby. Also: total, 5 trips to bathroom in under 1 hour. Having more than one child is highly overrated.
1:00 leave restaurant with angry Ayden screaming and crying
**note: I noticed that no one offered to or actually held the door open for me as I struggled and sweated with two kids in and out of Canadian Tire, and in and out of the 2 sets of doors in the restaurant. What is WITH people? Can't they SEE I have no hands? Is it amusing for them to stand there with their hands hanging at their sides and WATCH me open the door with my bum and try to pull the stroller thru the door with my free hand, other hand holding the jacket of a very wiggly child, door attempting to close as I attempt to shuffle my feet out of the way? I teach my boys to HOLD THE DOOR for people, and they do it.***
1:01 am almost hit by speeding truck. I actually have to yank the stroller with Matthew in it, back a foot and a half so he doesn't get run over by the rear wheels of the truck. We were on the sidewalk, and this guy wanted in the parking lot...I guess he wanted in so badly it was worth running over a mom with two kids?? It was still raining, by the way.
That was when I started to cry.
1:05 Ayden notices that I'm crying and stops screaming at me
1:20 car is fixed. Costs $222.
1:20 clerk at desk in Canadian Tire ignores me for 2 minutes, then is rude when she finally serves me.
Did I mention that I'm sick to boot?

Only one other time in this six month endurance test have I thought what I thought next:
"I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!"

Here is a list of good things about today:
BCAA was very quick
Nobody peed their pants
(Correction: nobody peed their pants while we were out. Ayden had accident #8 in the past 2 weeks this evening after going to bed, but at least we were at home)
We made it to preschool on time
Matthew was very cooperative as we drove around trying to fix the tire and shop
I didn't get angry at anyone except the speeding truck that almost hit us on the sidewalk. I yelled at him (am sure he didn't even notice).
Toys R Us trip 100% successful
Car was not broken into at mall (it IS christmas time)
Canadian Tire fit me into a busy schedule and was done my car in just over an hour
Father in Law was lifesaving advice dispenser with regards to tire fixing
Lunch actually tasted good, for all three of us. A minor miracle.
It was not snowing


Tonya said...

Ahhh Sweetie. That just sucks. A car needing repairs while I am out is enough to make me cry! Funny with the FIL advice. I can see my dad saying the exact same thing, "while you're at it, replace both back tires". Must be the brother thing. :-) Some days you really think that God doesn't know how much you can handle! :-) But handle it you did, and you even came up with good things to be thankful for. I sure wish I lived close by. I would have driven over and taken the boys for you or something!

What's up with comment moderation?

Roboseyo said...

i read your post, i read your comment:

mel, lots of people love you and care about you, and we read and (even if some of the people who love you don't read) we love you and care about you and pray for you.

hang in there, friend! You're a great person and a great mother and we're all in your corner, rooting for you.

i sure do wish I could knock on your sliding door and take you out for a walk (or take the boys out for a walk so you could go for a run, or paint, or whatever).

lots of people love you to pieces. . . but some of them are far away.

hang in there, dear friend!