Friday, December 7, 2007

Painting mishap

Sorry for the blog silence! I'm staying with Brent's parents this week as our house is being painted and is unlivable in the process. The Pink Painters finished this evening; we may be able to sleep there again Monday night, although we are planning on starting to rip up the carpet so maybe not...
Anyways, Brent's parents' computer was not allowing me to post on my blog, but I managed to trick it into giving me a chance tonight.
So this morning I stopped by my house with Matthew, to pick up a few things and check my phone messages. The painters were everywhere, as was their equipment and their paint trays full of paint. I sat Matthew on the stairs and asked him not to move, with which he complied. There was enough activity to watch to keep him sitting on the stairs all day, I think. So I grabbed the camera and checked my messages, and on my way out my camera cable dragged through a paint tray, coating the digital camera cable, dragging on the laminate hardwood floor, and slapping onto the leg of my favourite jeans. FAVorite JEANS, people. The SKINNY jeans that make my ass look good, and that have cute pockets, and that are always in the wash because I'm always wearing them. New by a month. I about had a panic attack! Between Matthew and I, I would not have chosen ME to be the one to have a painting mishap in the five minutes we were home this morning, but that's how it was.
The paint came out of the laminate, except for a pale fog I'm hoping no one will notice but me. The camera cable LOOKS okay, post soap and water, but has not been tested yet. My jeans came clean.
I'm content with the outcome because my jeans are okay. Am I silly?
$400 floor,
$50 camera cable
$30 jeans.
I cared the most about the jeans.
Besides, it is embarrassing to drag things through trays of paint in front of professional painters.

Ayden's attitude has been horrible since Brent left; today I took them to a kids' holiday concert put on by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and designed for preschoolers. It cost me $45 for all three of us and took me two hours total driving time as it was in downtown Vancouver, plus the cost of parking. Ayden spent the drive down screaming about how horrible his lunch was, the concert sulking about how he wanted to leave, and the drive home screaming about how he hated the concert.
I wanted to RING his NECK. He decided before the concert began that he was not going to like it, he refused to participate or get into it, and therefore he did not like it. It was a classic case of attitude setting the tone for an experience. I should learn a lesson from watching this in him!! Lol!
The thing is, he LOVES music; the concert was mainly for HIS benefit! Good grief.
On an opposite note, Matthew is precious. His attitude and demeanour are the exact mirror opposite of Ayden's these days, and I appreciate his bubbly personality more every day. Tonight we were sitting in the recliner chair and playing around, and we pretended we were sleeping. He climbed right up on my chest and snuggled in really tight, arms around me. I said, "I love you, Matthew," and he replied, "Yeah. Wu. Too. Mommy." I started to cry. Inside I was so so glad to give him the gifts of: a mommy to hug, a christmas to celebrate, food to eat, and oceans upon oceans of love.


Roboseyo said...

I've had that experience, too, where I decide to Not Enjoy some experience. A few times , I even liked it in spite of myself.

I'm so wonderfully happy to hear your stories about Matthew: I really liked him when I was in Canada, and I'm so glad when I read those kinds of tender stories.

(although I still grin whenever you describe your kids as yummy, edible, or delicious)


melissa said...

Well, they ARE delicious! Using edible, food words when referring to them really is the closest I can come to describing my actual feelings about them. Like, oranges, or chocolate, or mangoes, or cake with cream cheese frosting, or cherries, or blueberries...
not that I would EAT them, because that would hurt them, plus taste kind of gross.

Tonya said...

Glad that you finally wrote something! I was missing you! How is the house?

I finally started a blog. We shall see how it goes. Eric doesn't seem thrilled (he thinks I'm on the computer too much - imagine that!). :-) Plus, I'm just not sure I'm a blogger type. I like to read blogs though, lots of them. :-)

Roboseyo said...

so, when you get to know a kid, do you try to decide what kind of food they are? ("yeah, charlie's a mango, and Annie's rocky road ice cream, but David's a pickle and marie's bitter chocolate.") How soon after meeting a kid can you peg their flavour?

or is it more like "On monday, Ayden was maple syrup pancakes, and on Tuesday, he was stir-fried seaweed and garlic, and on wednesday he was cold oatmeal" -- and when you get together with other young moms, do you call it a babyque? (hee hee hee)

i like it. keep it up. it's an absolutely crunchy idiosyncrasy!

melissa said...

No, no, rob: only MY kids are foods to me. And yes, each one is different from the other, but they are sometimes more fruit-ish and other times more cake-ish, depending on the mood du jour. Ayden is chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting or cherries or oranges. Matthew is mostly mango, and sometimes frosted chocolate cookies with big chunks of melty chocolate in them.
Similar, but distinct. Like siblings are in other regards. I really believe deep in my gut that if I were to bite into one of them, juice would explode into my mouth and run down my chin, and I would have to lick the frosting off my face. It takes much restraint not to actually bite into them.