Monday, January 29, 2007

Trip to Victoria

We had a whirlwind trip to Victoria this past weekend. It was my cousin Sara's 30th birthday, and her son's 2nd birthday, so we hopped on the ferry and got ready to celebrate! Victoria is beautiful, and we always have a great time with family over there. We had a kids' birthday party Saturday morning, and a family and friends dinner at Boston Pizza that night, and then the adults went out for drinks at 10:30 (until the wee hours...). It was an action packed day! The big 3-0 birthday is a strange milestone everyone seems to have trouble with. I won't know for another year :) From what I can discern, your twenties is all about establishing: friends, education, career, family, and your thirties is all about building on and enjoying what you've established. Thirties sound better when you put them like that. I have noticed some strange things, though; we are now too old for clubs. Like, really too old, not just "grown out of that stage" like we were at about 25ish. Thirty year olds in clubs are kind of couger/mantherish, and definately irrelevant. Irrelevant is something I feel rather often in the presence of twentysomethingers lately. I guess if you're not on the meat market you're not relevant. Who wants to be relevant anyways?


At any rate, we had a great weekend. Hooray for the sunshine! I forgot my camera in Victoria so it will be awhile before I can post recent pix! Here are some from this past month.

Yuck! Spinach!
This is our jumper!

Monday, January 22, 2007


I resolve for 2007:

Not to laugh when Ayden flushes Matthew's sock down the toilet. This makes for a repeat performance.

To stop answering Matthew's incessant "mama, mama, mama" with a grunt, because he has started grunting back at me.

To fire myself as Brent's hairdresser, after a horrific bald spot incident last Friday, which I blame on the razor, but Brent is not convinced.

To have more date nights (with Brent).

To finish bloody paramedic school and kiss school goodbye for a very long time (I feel like I've said this before).

To email my friends and family more often.

To paint more--this one I started last week! I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in months, and finished another tulip painting. Anyone want to buy a tulip painting?

To travel! Maybe I'll have to save this resolution for another year, if Brent goes away to school (he's looking at the RCMP right now). Our next destination is Mexico, with Ireland and Thailand on the short list as well.

To win the $1000/wk for 25 years lottery contest and pay off our house and other debts, and have some fun!

Rain, rain, go away

I have not posted in a very long time! Sorry for those of you who check often; I had a two week period where I worked too often and had two exams for school, so I didn't get around to posting any new entries. I tried a couple of times at work (and I use the word work here in a very broad, inclusive sense of the term, since there are long stretches at 'work' where we watch television and take naps...the best kept secret in emergency services, though when we DO work it's hair raising--in my defense I have worked 18 hour shifts with no break before, but not often) but it's difficult to be creative with three people looking over your shoulder and, let's be honest people, when you're bored.
I started a new position at a new ambulance station, in Squamish. It's great! It takes me only an hour and fifteen minutes to get to work and it is far busier than my last station, so now I don't need to work elsewhere to make money. I actually work less and make more; the kids see me more often and I can contribute financially around here! Feels good. At my new station I met two guys who grew up in my hometown, and one of whom I went to elementary school and the first two years of high school with! Small world! Since I started in Squamish on the 11th, I have seen some interesting calls. Pedestrian struck by a pickup truck, stroke, death by anorexia, several broken bones (four, to be exact), a dimentia patient who spoke no english and had no translator present, and a baby fall down the stairs. Friends: there is a reason baby walkers are not sold in Canada! They are dangerous! This baby had a close brush with death, and he was only 5 months old.
Some random observations regarding 'Squish:' there are two types of drivers on the Sea to Sky, (1) the very insecure, and (2) the very aggressive. The mountains are beautiful, and its a bit disconcerting when an ocean inlet reaches so far inland. The construction sites on the Sea to Sky bear signs that read "Drive Safe, my mommy works here! Chad and Tracey," or "Drive Safe, my daddy works here! Morgan." Kind of cute and kind of cheesy at the same time. When it snows in Squamish, it SNOWS! Property in Squamish has appreciated over 450% since 1993. When you run a particularly long red light in the turning lane at Hwy 99 and Industrial Ave at 2:00 in the morning, you are apt to be pulled over by the police and given a talking to (and a warning). There was NO ONE visible in any direction!
So Brent is getting laser eye surgery on Feb. 15th. Soon he won't have to haggle with contacts or glasses anymore; I'm so jealous! I think I might have it done too. It would be very nice not to have to wear glasses anymore. Most places give paramedics a deal, nice perk :)
The boys are as energetic as always. Matthew, our perfect sleeper, has recently decided that 4:30 or 5:00 am is an acceptable time to get up for the day! The first thing he does when he gets out of bed is go in Ayden's room and wake him up (Ayden now has a childproof handle on the outside of his door to prevent this), and then go downstairs and play with the toys. A few times he has opened our door to see if we're up, sees that it's dark and that we are still sleeping, and promptly leaves. He cries like his heart is breaking when you get up and lead him back to bed, and its hard with groggy mind to explain to him that you are not in fact angry, but he does in fact need more sleep and it is too early for the household to rise in order to supervise him! He also now has several pairs of big boy underwear, which he tries hard to keep dry (we still only use them around home). Hooray! Soon I'll have no kids in diapers.
It is raining, raining, raining and I'm stuck, stuck stuck. I'm dreaming of the day when the rain will stop and the playgrounds will dry up, and the water park will open, and we will spend many hours outdoors again. This time of year is always tough. It's dark, dank, and wet, and the house seems so small.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Stuff on my mind

My friend Louise recently posted on her blog "Things I've been looking at lately" and that really got me thinking...
When things I see stick in my mind it sometimes takes me awhile to get it out; ask Brent :)
Stuff I've been looking at and thinking about lately includes:

My three year old peeing in the dishwasher.

Maggots living in the legs of a 400 pound patient of mine...stinky...

A book called "The Glass Castle" which I recieved for Christmas and couldn't put down for several nights in the row. It is a memoir of Jeannette Walls' childhood in a fantastically, dysfunctionally functional family. Somehow the older three of the four children managed to pull themselves out of abject poverty and educate and sustain themselves on a healthy level, but the fourth was not. I think the reason may be that by the time she was born the family's dysfunctions outweighed its functional moments, and the feirce love and loyalty the oldest three experienced in their very young childhood had dwindled...anyways, it made me think about the fact that although you may be gloriously successful in parenting one child, the next does not get to coast on your success with the first; each child is its own entity and needs firm attachment and tons of work, just like the first. (Of course this seems obvious when I write it down, but I think this is important...I've seen people miss this with their younger children).

Matthew's eyes. They are so dark and deep, with such long lashes, especially when he sleeps. When he cries, they literally fill up with tears, because he has deep lids that hold liquid fairly well and his tears don't fall right away. He is a very easy two year old. He doesn't have temper tantrums, and rarely gets angry. When he feels the weight of injustices or restrictions or his older brother tackling him, he just gets sad and cries. Tears are easier to fix than screaming rages...I guess it's not PC to 'fix' your kids' emotions; rather, I 'empathize.' Sometimes. When I'm not too busy. ;) Sometimes all the tragic tears get on my nerves, but I'm thankful for his gentle spirit.

A miracle survival I saw at work, where a man was minding his own business, driving home from work, and was hit by a drunk driver who blew a stop sign and turned both cars into delicate art sculptures of twisted metal and glass. The sober man was trapped between the passenger's side door and his door, and the car was 1/3rd the width it had been before the accident. He survived. I'm continually astounded by what I see people survive through at work. Of course the drunk driver was unhurt.

Ayden spinning in circles on the floor, screaming mad that I won't let him have candy canes for lunch. In his tightie whities (worn backwards so that curious george, who is supposed to be on the bum, can be more easily seen).

Rain. I hate it.

Soap scum in my shower. How does that get there? Why does it stay? It's not welcome there. Where is the maid to clean it off?