Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bringing in 2008

Our first day of the new year was marked by an unconscious gift from my children: we all slept in until 9:00 a.m. I'm not sure Matthew has EVER slept that late in the morning, and he's always the first to rouse. Oh, sleep, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
I got up and made Amish Oatmeal again~wow, is that ever a good recipe, and I also made good headway in cleaning my kitchen. My house is still in wild shambles post-painting and post-carpeting and post-christmas. I blame the baby. I just don't have the energy to even care. Anyways, I did commence with the kitchen yesterday. I was then on the prowl for something to DO. The boys were restless and fighting, and I didn't want to look at or crawl over the mess anymore (literally, the clean laundry pile requires CLIMBING to get to the boys' bathroom) so we had to get out. On a national stat.
The aquarium was open!! We drove down and spent over two hours watching and learning about belugas, otters, dolphins, sea stars, anemonies, jellies, octopi, and fish, fish, fish. It was AWESOME. We've been to the aquarium many times before, but this was by far the best trip because both boys were totally into it, had the energy to last for the whole tour, and are old enough to really learn some stuff. I love teaching them about biology (well, I love teaching Ayden. Matthew is a kinetic learner and I've yet to really get a grasp on how best to teach him biology without using words) because I find it so fascinating to think about. It also contributed to my enjoyment that there was no traffic to get down there, and the aquarium itself was only moderately busy. The only real bummer for me was that the aquarium no longer serves veggie dogs so I had to feed my kids REAL hot dogs (horror! I usually trick them with soy) because I'd promised them dogs, not knowing they don't have soy anymore. Matthew dropped his dod on the ground two bites in, and Ayden sat for 10 minutes and screamed because I put ketchup on the SIDE of his hotdog weiner instead of ON TOP and now it was TOUCHING THE BUN, and then he ate half and left the rest. $6 pretty much wasted. They ate most of the fruit salad I bought them. So the hot dog adventure was disappointing, but the rest of the trip was awesome.
Then we went to IHOP for supper (good luck finding something to eat on their menu when you are pregnant and can't eat eggs). I had crepes. Yummy. The boys had pancakes.
Awesome day.
Bed time was a bit of a joke. I fell asleep before either of them, and then at 2:45 this morning I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I lay there for 2 hours and then gave up and got a snack and turned on the computer. It's 5:00 now. Today should be fun. :P

During my pregnancy with Ayden I had this recurring nightmare that was difficult to wake up from, and it was really really vivid. In the nightmare I would wake up in my bed, open my eyes, and see a huge spider (yuck, yuck) descending onto my face. Usually Brent would wake up to me thrashing around, yelling about spiders, still dreaming. He would wake me up and calm me down. I couldn't figure out why I had this weird recurring nightmare through my whole pregnancy, until recently I did some research on hypoglycemia and discovered that low blood sugar can give you nightmares. Voila!
This pregnancy I've been trying to eat bedtime snacks to defend against nightmares. Two weeks ago I had my first spider nightmare of this pregnancy. There was no Brent to wake me up so I wound up falling out of bed because I thrashed around so much, and woke up after I thumped on the floor with a VERY surprised cat. It was actually quite hilarious. I was mystified because I had had a snack before bedtime! Later I figured out that my snack (popcorn) had very few calories in it, and was probably not enough to fend off the nightmare.
The converse side of this, and my daytime eating to fend off hypoglycemia and morning sickness, is 3 new pounds. I really don't eat that MUCH but I eat every hour or two during the day and all that bedtime snack does is sit around and affix itself to my ass, hence, poundage. I'm active, I exercise, but poundage loves my ass when I'm pregnant. I also only eat healthy stuff: I had some chocolate christmas day and almost threw up. I don't eat fries. I can't have eggs. Those crepes were not healthy but that was unusual, plus my eggless options were french toast (not eggLESS but I probably could have eaten them) and crepes. And I did feel sick after eating them because of the sugar. Fat. Ass. >:( Hoping to devise a solution soon.

I'm going to go try and sleep again.


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Brent said...

ummm, crepes are made from eggs. In fact, lots of them. I would have protected you from them if I were there :)