Friday, January 25, 2008

How to follow?

It's hard to follow such a profound and tragic experience with trivial daily matters...
I can't get this baby out of my head. He makes me more patient with my kids. He makes me kiss them more when they are within arm's reach and in receptive-to-kissing moods. He makes me smell their hair more appreciatively. I'm sure he has done that for all of us.

In the spirit of appreciation: I am grateful that tomorrow we fly to Regina to be reunited as a family. My singleness is done. The boys get their daddy back. I'm so glad it is over.
See you next week!


Tonya said...

I am thrilled for you. You made it. You are strong and amazing. And, I'm sure, very thankful that this 6 months of singleness is over. Tell Brent we say congrats to him on his accomplishment. (But the truth is, you are the real hero :-) !!)

Sara said...

Good coming from tragedy is the way we honour those who have died. Good for you for appreciating what you have more because of the realization that it is all so fragile.

Welcome home Brent!! Congrats on making it through all of this. We can't wait to see the Vose family all together again.

Roboseyo said...

my mom used to get "appreciating the kids" moods from time to time.

they made me feel great. . . as long as it wasn't in public. then it made me feel squishy.