Sunday, February 3, 2008

good poem (though my battle is daily, not nightly, with self)

thing and not again

i dream battles
dozens of opponents
i am the army of me
killed nightly
but my task
starts again
i want to say
i am but
it is not me
i keep thinking
i was
but that
is only a memory
that is so
often forgotten
like my desk
when watching tv
like my dog
when im teaching

these things
come back to me
in times and places
and go away again

but every night
again i fight
and it won t end
i stop believing
learning is the goal
of education
until i can
resent my students
enough to do
what i am told

but then
what will i dream


tamie said...

i can really really identify with this poem (did you write it or find it?). over the last couple years i've had dozens upon dozens of fighting dreams--fighting for self, or letting people get me, etc. there is a lot of struggle. but also i can tell that i'm making progress, as i follow my dreams. thanks for posting this.

melissa said...

I found it on almaty poet's blog--so thx to you for the link!
LOVE this poem.