Friday, February 15, 2008

Minor victory garners major celebration

Ayden has always found toileting emotionally challenging. While Brent was gone, this seemed to come to the forefront, especially, as you know, with peeing his pants. So, we switched to pullups until Brent came home. He did well again once Brent returned; he switched back to underpants and has had no more accidents. But an annoying manifestation of this weird toileting phobia was his insistence on my presence and "help" whenever he had to go to the bathroom. I was required for emotional support, and help in taking off clothing and bum wiping.
You can imagine HOW AWESOME I thought this was. Every time he FINALLY admitted to having to go to the bathroom (after several hours of jumping, crotch grabbing, and floor humping), I had to RUN to the bathroom with him to "help" him. He's almost five. I hate being required to be present, and to pull down pants, and to wipe bums. Matthew can do this all on his own, and he's 3! Anyways, I knew it was just the stress of daddy's absence, so, while I complained about it (LOUDLY), I didn't push it. Pushing it only resulted in urine soaked pants and a major temper tantrum, anyways. I figured that when daddy got home we could work on this behaviour.
Well, he's been getting progressively better with the toileting since Brent's return. And today, I would happily like to announce, he went to the bathroom, ALONE, took off his own clothes, and wiped his own bum. Without prompting.


Wow, interesting that this is cause for major celebration and mention on my blog, but you've NO IDEA how ridiculous this toileting phobia was. And how MUCH I hated being required for pants pulling and ass wiping.

Here's to autonomy!

Right before another helpless ass to wipe comes along!!



Team Willms said...
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Dana said...

Cheering along with you! I would be doing the happy dance too. Whoohoo!

I will be doing a potty-related celebration of my own when my child stops using her "pressure release valve". When she really really has to pee but doesn't want to take the time to go to the bathroom, she lets just enough out to take the pressure off. It's actually pretty impressive control.