Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Some Rumi

"the truth is, the sun's beams strike the wall,
and the wall only reflects that borrowed light.
Why give your heart to mere stones, o simpleton?
Go! Seek the source of light which shineth always!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Distinguish well true dawn from false dawn,
Distinguish the colour of the wine from that of the cup;
So that, instead of many eyes of caprice,
One eye may be opened through patience and constancy.
Then you will behold true colours instead of false,
And precious jewels in lieu of stones.
But what is a jewel? Nay, you will be an ocean of pearls;
Yeah, a sun that measures the heavens!"

"The spring seasons are hidden in the autumns,
and autumns are charged with springs;
flee them not"

"Though he stave thy boat, yet hold thy peace
If thou takest umbrage at every rub,
How wilt thou become a polished mirror?"

1 comment:

Roboseyo said...

I like this rumi guy. All of these quotes are like rays of light. I'm guessing you're really happy these days: no news is good news.

thinking about you, friend.