Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kids are Parrots

This morning Matthew was trying to put on his coat to go out, but the sleeves were inside out. He looked up at me and declared: "Mommy? This toat dri me NUTS!" It took me two seconds to realize that I must say "This is driving me NUTS" fairly frequently!!

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Tonya said...

I did such a naughty thing the other day. Josiah had slept horribly that night - up for two hours, in the night, for no obvious reason, and he was unpleasant. Neither of us were happy with him. So, the next day, I had him call and leave a message for Eric at work. I told him what to say:

Me: Say I'm sorry
Josiah: I sorry
Me: Say cause I'm a jackass
Josiah: I a jackass

I was rolling on the floor at this point. I knew this would alleviate some of Eric's frustration with him. And it did! :-)