Sunday, March 2, 2008

Minor Vose Miracle(s)

Ayden has officially peed/pooped on his own with no help, 21 times in a row. Once he even went at a friend's house (more intimidating), though we have yet to tackle the public bathroom without needing moral support and bum wiping. That's the first minor Vose miracle for today, to which I say, hip hip hooray! A sticker chart and some hefty prizes at the end of each 7 full boxes of stickers (one box=one poop/pee) were the key here. Matthew has also followed suit without the aid of stickers, averaging one accident per day, which is infrequent enough to allow for underwear (I was going to do a sticker chart for him too, but after I focused on Ayden...but then, Matthew is doing so well we may not need a chart).
The second minor miracle happened tonight at dinner. Ayden helped me make the salads (I chop, he divides the veggies into bowls), and, following our discussion regarding which vegetables I like and why, he tried a red pepper for the first time in his life. AND LIKED IT! That only took five years. He requested that I put 2 peices of red pepper in his salad, and some cilantro, because I said those were my favourites. He usually just eats the carrots and cucumber in his salad and avoids the rest like the plague.
Hip hip hip hip hooray!!

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