Sunday, April 6, 2008

Addendum to my cranky post

Re: women lifting during pregnancy. My friend Asheya had something to add that I thought was valuable to share with everyone:

just wanted to comment on pregnant women lifting things...not dangerous for the cervix or premature labour, but lifting heavy items when your belly is big can cause problems for you (the woman) in the future, as your pelvic floor tone is not as good when you are pregnant and your stomach muscles are expanded as your belly stretches. What can happen is that you can permanently damage your pelvic floor, which can lead to problems with incontinence or other pelvic floor issues (some requiring surgery) later in life. Also, same goes for the first six weeks (yep, six whole weeks, doesn't matter if the birth was vaginal or c-section) after the baby is born - this may in fact be an even more important time in terms of your health to not lift anything heavier than your baby. My midwife (who is originally from Germany) told me that she was initially very surprised by the lack of education in Canada around the importance of these measures for women's health.

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Dana said...

This is very interesting. I wonder if you or your friend have any information about strengthening/not strengthening the abdominal muscles during pregnancy. My midwife told me to absolutely avoid any ab exercises during pregnancy, but the more I learn the more I think that moderate ab work would actually be beneficial in labour.