Sunday, April 27, 2008


Brent is back at work today. We went to church, had lunch, made applesauce together, and the boys watched Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium while I started supper. So, a nice day.
Until now.
We have no ginger. I thought I had turned on the oven to preheat but I was mistaken and didn't discover it until my dish was ready to go in. Brent bought too much meat, too many onions, and the wrong kind of rice when i sent him shopping on Friday. He left me a disgusting kitchen to clean today (I worked yesterday), and he didn't even feed the boys supper because they went to their grandparents' place so the kitchen really shouldn't have been a disaster. The boys won't stop fighting. Matthew broke a toy. Matthew keeps changing his clothes every hour or so, despite being told NOT TO (creativity and imagination are GREAT-- a week's worth of laundry being made in one day is NOT). I'm pissed. And I feel guilty because he's in a time out for changing his clothes and because I spanked him for breaking the toy. Stu, Stu, I can't get away from you. It's not just Stu that's bothering me. It's this other guy, Tomfits (Too Mad For The Situation). Why am I so cranky? These are small problems! Yet they're driving me INSANE! Partly, I hate cooking. Cooking new dishes is stressful for me. Not having the ingredients I need for a new dish that I'm stressed about making is pretty much fatal.

I actually feel much better, having poured this all out to you.
Thanks, blog readers.
Hopefully you don't think I'm aweful for being so cranky.


tamie said...

Don't worry. Sometimes I cry for absolutely no reason. Nothing happens, I just suddenly am upset and cry. Sometimes I get extremely grouchy because someone sneezes too loud. You're not crazy. Just keep on truckin'.

Tonya said...

We're having a hard time getting back to normal and only Eric and I were gone and only for 48 hours. I find that it is always difficult to get back to your routine and life after being away. Always. Hope today is better!