Monday, April 28, 2008

Embarrassing, and Stu was watching. And screaming.

Okay, so most of you know that Matthew has this party trick. When he gets really upset, or if he bangs his head, he holds his breath until he turns a sickly colour and faints. Rampant Stu territory, friends. Rampant. If Tomfits AND breath holding/fainting happen simultaneously, the only thing in my life is Stu. Guilty, guilty, guilty.
I always feel guilty when Matthew faints. Stu tells me that if I were a better mother, Matthew would never feel sad, and definately never, ever faint.
Okay, so this morning we went to swimming lessons and we were LATE which usually makes me struggle with Tomfits because I really, really, really hate to be late for things. There are four people in our family, and three of them are chronically late. This shortens my life expectancy for the stress of it all! Anyways, we were late so I was hustling them. Not horribly, but definately hustling. On the sidewalk outside the Community Centre Matthew lost his shoe, but I didn't notice until we were a minute beyond it (because he was silently holding his breath but I didn't know it, upset by losing his favourite shoe and by my failure to slow down for retrieval purposes). When I noticed, I sent him back for it. I still didn't know he was holding his breath. He's short. Breath holding is silent. I couldn't see his face! Anyways, 2 feet from his shoe, PLUNK, down he goes, nose on the concrete, faceful of dirt. Oh my !@#$%^&*. OF COURSE we have witnesses. Witnesses never really understand breath holding.
Loud noise from Stu.

So we sort that out and rush to swimming. The boys swim. I work out in the gym. Everyone has endorphins in their system and the prospect of a snack at the Community Centre cafe after we get dressed, our weekly routine, so we're happy. Then Matthew falls off the changeroom bench backwards, lands on his head, and promptly faints again. AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! This time was not as bad, because it was only GENERALLY my fault he fainted this time. I should have been more diligent, but it really wasn't that predictable that he would fall off backwards, and it wasn't my fault. The hustling was my fault.
Stu still talked, but he was quieter and easier to subdue.
Still, fainting twice in one morning is unusual these days. When he first came home, he fainted 2-3 times a day, held his breath up to 9 times a day, and sometimes fainted once every two hours on bad days. Now he's down to once every 3 months or so?

On a cheerier note, I registered both boys for school next year (Ayden kindergarten, Matthew preschool) and they were both excited to visit their schools. Matthew was almost VIBRATING with excitement over the prospect of being old enough to go to preschool. Ayden was moderately enthusiastic.

Both boys helped me make dinner, which they declared 'gross.' It was good! Italian sausage, rice, veggies...yum.


Roboseyo said...

Shut up, STU! Mel's a great mother!

Tonya said...

Sorry about Stu hanging around. I agree with Rob - shut up STU! :-) How could anyone think that his passing out is your fault? If I saw a kid pass out, I would not think - for one second - that it was his mother's fault. I doubt people look at you like you're doing something wrong.