Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tamie posted a beautiful sermon today

Here's an exerpt (sp?)

It is very natural that we wonder what Jesus’ words mean to us individually, because it is deeply engrained in us that we are individuals. But actually, we are as much individuals as branches on a tree are individuals. Yes, you can point to a particular branch and say that it is a branch, distinct from the other branches, or the roots. But, the branch is so profoundly a part of the tree that if it broke off the tree it would die. If the other branches caught a disease, that branch would eventually catch the disease. Everything that happens to the tree, happens to that branch.

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Roboseyo said...

first, type and then highlight (with your shift key or mouse) the text you want to turn into a link.

next, click on the icon at the top of your writing window that looks like a chain (get it? link?), and in the window that pops up, enter the URL of the target site. If you're in "compose" mode, the text will turn underlined and blue; if you're in "edit html" mode, a bunch of HTML code will appear.

Glad you got back to Canada safely. Don't let post-vacation blues drag you down.

tamie said...

thanks, mel.