Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tulip Festival 2008

First, some photos of the boys playing. Ayden is 'pregnant' with his bear. Matthew is a pirate in his ship, searching for treasure (presumeably putting up with his pregnant first mate's mood swings and hot flashes).

Every year we travel to Skagit County, Washington, to see the tulip festival there. This year the tulips are late in blooming, but this was the best time for us to go, so we went anyways. There were a few early fields in bloom, and the daffodils were out in full force (though my camera battery died before I got any pix of them). This was a wonderful outing for the whole family, very enjoyable! Gorgeous pix.


Tonya said...

I'm pretty sure my pregnant belly is bigger than yours and I'm a few weeks behind you. (I seriously just forgot how far along I am - 17? 18? weeks.) Doubt you'll be seeing many pictures of my belly though. I am typically the one behind the camera. :-)

reside/ramsay's said...

fantastic pic's. great shots of the boys. miss you all

Bon & Family

Roboseyo said...

mel: the only ones who knew my news were the ones who regularly check facebook status updates -- you're nowhere near out of the loop. You're still my inside track, mellifluous, promise!

I DID read your poem, and your e-mails, and I saw mr. magorium (after a fair bit of searching) but have been saving it all up for a proper email or maybe a phone call.


and I love these pics. really really love them.

Jen & Andrey said...

I love seeing your pregnant belly! You look great. Love the tulip shots, too. Makes me miss WA state. I love the pic of the boys with big funny smiles on their faces so much I put it on my desktop. I hope you're having a kick ass time in Hawaii.