Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wow, oh wow

Our trip was FANTASTIC! Beyond words. The only sad thing about it was leaving. I've posted a shitload of pictures, so be prepared!! :-D
I limited myself to five pix per day but a few of the days were so full or so fantastic they required more than five.
Tuesday we drove to Seattle for an overnight stay, and caught a Mariner's baseball game ($12 seats! woohoo!), which was very fun. We actually were so late for the game that we only caught innings 4 1/2 through 9, but it turned out to be a blessing because it was so cold in the stadium that people were leaving partway through the game. The Mariners won, which we were happy about (except Ayden, who decided to be controversial and cheer for the Royals from Kansas City).

This first day we arrived, we had only a few hours of afternoon sunshine to accomplish quite a few things, like renting a car and grocery shopping, but we went to the beach for an hour after all our errands, and I tell you THAT hour on the beach was worth the cost of the entire trip. My boys were elated. I took a self portrait to show you how happy I was!

The boys LOVED the beach until partway through this day, when Brent tripped on a rock with Ayden in his arms and they tumbled around in the surf, knocked over by a big wave. After that any seawater that sniffed at Ayden's feet had him running and screaming, but he still liked the sand.

This was an incredibly full day. We went to the beach for a bit, drove North to the Sugar Cane Train, an hour long round trip steam engine ride, and then went to a "Lu-How" (Aydenspeak) for supper:

Beach day!

Snorkling in Molokini, the best snorkling spot in the entire world! I am so petrified of the ocean, but look at me in there, smiling away! Actually we paid $80 each for this trip (kids free) and Brent, Ayden, and Matthew (and half of the other passengers) wound up seasick because it was quite windy that day. I had a blast, but nobody else enjoyed it!!

Aquarium visit and sunset on Big Beach in South Maui:


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I've been waiting for this post. What an awesome, amazing, perfect trip! It looked relaxing and yet you guys saw and did so much. Glad you are home safe and sound. I'm jealous!!!!

Roboseyo said...

fantastic! glad you had such a great time, Mel!

I hope you have more -- stories and such.

Breanne said...

I was just saying to Kelsey a few days ago, "I wonder why Melissa hasen't posted in awhile...this isn't normal for her!" Lol. Now I realize why! :D I'm so glad you all had a great time and are home safe.

Ed and Jenna said...

Thanks for sharing. It gives me hope that we could do something like that one day!
Beautiful pictures! Beautiful family!

nancy said...

Great to hear from and sound back home. No pics of your hotel, sounds like you didn't spend much time there. Fabulous pics. Looks like you all had a blast!
phone me!
love mom

Roboseyo said...

This is Hyangju, Roboseyo's girlfriend.

Those pictures make the people who see them smile. Your boys look sooo bright and cute, and also, Melissa, you look very beautiful in the pictures, and in some of the pictures, you look like you might be Rob's sister.