Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ayden's 5th Birthday

Okay, first of all I took this three weeks ago to show that although we live in a rainy climate that I often complain about, this is the payoff in April:

Now for the birthday boy. His actual birth day is May 8th, so I recorded his activities that day. After spending the morning at preschool, I put Matthew down for a nap (rare nowadays but necessary given the projected bedtime) and Ayden busied himself riding his bike, watering his garden, and generally enjoying the solitary play.

Here is our annual tradition, taking a photo of the birthday boy at the exact time he was born (let's hope little Vose shows up at a reasonable time of day, for the continuation of this tradition!)

Ayden chose Red Robin as his birthday restaurant this year, mainly because he remembered how the staff sang to Matthew on HIS birthday last fall;

Today, Sat. May 10th, was Ayden's party day. We attended another friend's party in the afternoon at the Mountainview Wilderness Centre. They rescue sick, endangered, or misbehaving animals in captivity around the world and care for them on their ranch in Ft. Langley. It's very cool, and they do birthday parties. The kids were amazingly well behaved, like, amAzing, and the animals were curious about the quiet group of little people and came right up to the fence in many cases, so I got some good pix.

Then to grandma and grandpa's house for Ayden's party in the evening; lots of screaming and running around!

Did you see the cake I made? Aren't I fantastic? Actually, Brent planned the entire party and the only thing I did was the cake. But it was a pretty good cake.
We also had a weiner roast, planted little 'gardens' with watermelon seeds, broccoli seeds, carrot seeds, and a few others for the kids to take home with them. Ayden loves to garden, so this was quite expressive of him.

And of course, an insane gift opening. The events I didn't get pix of were the pinata and the movie (Shrek III). We were very fortunate not to get rained out. It started to pour about 5 minutes before the end of the party, so we JUST missed getting rained out. What a fantastic birthday. Whew!

How do I feel about my baby turning 5? Oh dear, don't make me cry. Five was a tough one for me. Every year it is difficult to see time passing by too quickly, but the milestone of '5' is a big one. Before 5, the groundwork goes down for their social, emotional, and intellectual health for the rest of their lives. 5 means school starts. Five means big boy and no more baby. Five is really grown up. Every year until now I've thought to myself, "but at least he's not five yet!" and now he is. When I look at him I see a fat newborn, a sleeping baby, a tantruming 2 year old, an excited 'big brother,' a soother baby, a breastmilk loving baby, a thumbnail rubber (he soothed himself by rubbing our thumbnails until just recently), a diaper boy, and who he is now all at once. What happened to my floppy little baby with the fat rolls? Seriously, what happened? Oh, it hurts. I'm so proud of who he is and who he's becoming, but it is so hard to watch time pass and things change. He's my BABY! In some ways I think heaven, for moms, will be God handing over a magic remote control that brings us back in time to any place we choose, so we can re-experience our favourite moments with our children.
He's so precious, so smart, so unique, so strong, so energetic, so bossy, so enthusiastic, so artistic, so full of BOYishness, it's wonderful. I'm so glad I have him.


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Melissa, what a great post! It sounds like you guys had such a great day. You totally made me cry at the end, I guess its just that they grow up so fast and you can't go back...I like your idea of heaven:)

Tonya said...

Love the cake - wow. He's 5. It is truly amazing at how slow things seem at the exact moment, but when you look back - super fas5.

nancy said...

unbelievable cake Liss!

Breanne said...
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Breanne said...

I said tears are tolling down my face in my last comment and meant to say rolling. lol. Happy Birthday to Ayden. Looks like it was a fun party! A weenie roast!? Cool!

Roboseyo said...

happy birthday, little man!

the cake IS amazing. . . now I want to go to a zoo for my birthday, too.