Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Long Weekend Events

The weather was gorgeous Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but the May Day Parade on Monday was pretty soggy and VERY slow. Here are some awesome pix;

The garden I was painting with Ayden last week needed some final touches before being planted, and the boys were out there with improvised eye protection to 'help'

The May Day parade:


Ella napping (isn't she sweet? I could eat this girl up. It was really, very awesome to see her this weekend)

Matthew has a soft spot for Ella and she LOVES her cousins

Ella's feet

Once the parade finally began, Ella was a fan

The Vose cousins

Grandpa and Matthew;

the whole family (wow, do I look fat when I sit down)

Ayden and Ella play at the restaurant that night

The cousins in their matching sweaters from grandma

Doesn't she look good on Brent? We offered to keep her, but her parents didn't go for it!

It was difficult to say goodbye. Too bad Brian, Billie, and Ella live so far from us!! It was a wonderful weekend. Hooray for good old Queen Victoria, and for long weekends!


Dawn and Dale said...

Those pictures are all wonderful!!! :)

Isn't it true how adorable that little Ella Bean is???!!! I could totally keep her too!!! :)

Tonya said...

Love the pictures! What fun to get to see Brian and family. She is a cutie. Wow, I can't believe she will be one in a couple months!