Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Freaking out

You know that widget on my sidebar that counts down to my due date? It's freaking me out because I've less than a hundred days to get this place ready.
I'm working on our bedroom after I finish here. I think the project is so big I'm procrastinating starting. Our room is a pathway between towers of crap, and a bed. I'm on it.

I'll go now.
And tackle it.

Well, maybe in a minute.

What else can I take pix of and share with you? Oh, Ayden and I have a collaborative art project. Brent built a huge box for Ayden to plant his '08 garden in, and he wanted us to decorate the outside of it. So we drew it together, and painted it together, and here is the end result! Pretty neat! I love his birds. I think they are SO beautiful. And his sunflowers (the things on the bottom are roots; he likes to show the roots of flowers in his drawings and paintings). Enjoy! And then I will check all my regular blogs, and THEN go tackle my bedroom.
I promise.

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Roboseyo said...

I love Ayden's art. That's so great.

Thanks for sharing!