Saturday, May 24, 2008

Impromptu Nap and Belly Pix

Yesterday afternoon at lunch, Matthew was the last to leave the table. He is a very slow eater so this is not uncommon. This, however, IS:

Here is Ayden with his finished, planted garden (he's so proud!):

And some belly pix. Ain't I big? I measure 2 cm (thus 2 weeks) larger than my dates, but that would be immaculate conception so we know it's not my dates that are off! I measured large for my dates with Ayden too. And I look big enough to be full term or close to, but I've 12.5 weeks to go. I remember that with Ayden, too. I'm a small person, with no extra room in my gut for a child, I guess, so it pops straight out. Hopefully this guy will be smaller than Ayden (9 lbs), for the sake of my lady parts!

And as far as the dog is concerned, we are in the very early research/looking phase so don't freak out! I realized after I posted that it sounded like Meelu was THE ONE for us, but I meant that we found a possible dog, not a for sure one. This dog was rescued by an organization that rescues/fosters/adopts out dogs in the Lower Mainland and Taiwan, for some reason. They must have some connection with Taiwan. For sure we realize there are SPCA dogs locally, and we plan to check them out too! Some of our specs are kind of picky, and Meelu fit them all, that's why we considered an international doggie in this case. The Taiwanese doggies are $260, which covers airfare. Meelu happens to be purebred but we're not looking for that particularly (though if we were it would be a steal!). In fact, behaviourally, mixed dogs are often best according to our vet. Anyways, not to worry! We're not committed yet, just inquiring. But people, her FACE! Who could resist such a face! (And I forgot to let you know that I love Duna, too, Daen).

Perhaps maybe a little bit, I may have put Meelu's picture as my desktop picture. Maybe. But don't tell anyone.
And we're not committed.
No, no.


Tonya said...

Love the belly pics! You look great!

I also love that Matthew fell asleep after eating. How fun is that!?!

Sara said...

Hey, don't worry about that belly, you look great. And I am a tall person, with lots of room for baby and I look about 8 months and I'm not even 5 yet.But I'm measuring right on, so I guess I'm just getting fat.

Any dog is a welcome addition to a family, however, be sure before you fall in love because once you love a dog it's hard to think clearly. It changes everything.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I love your belly, it looks so beautiful!! I also always measured bigger than I was, gotta love the 9 pounders:) I also really, really love Ayden's, it is awesome and creative and def. way cooler than ours!

Dana said...

I love all of today's pics! No matter how big your latest Mr. Vose is when he decides it's time to make his grand entrance, you and your lady parts can do it. Cheering you on from the 9 lb club!

Dawn and Dale said...

What a cute baby bump!!! :)

tamie said...

Wow, Mel, you are so beautiful. These are gorgeous pictures. You should give yourself a high-five for being such a beautiful human being.

Jen & Andrey said...

I agree with Tamie's comment. Can't say it better...