Monday, June 30, 2008

33.5 lbs of strawberries

Okay, apparantly no one thought my dad's poem was funny. Poo on you.
Yesterday as a family we went to a local farm and picked 33.5 pounds of strawberries (at $1.50/lb you really can't go wrong--and these were plump and delicious, perfectly ripe)!
So last night Brent and I worked for hours getting about 20 pounds in the freezer, and today I made jam and a strawberry pie. Seriously, people, how domestic can I get? But it was DELICIOUS and I'm quite proud of my handiwork.
The boys helped me with the jam.
Then we went to the water park! It was another 34 degrees day...I'm losing sight of all the bones in my feet, and every night I pour myself a literally cold bath and soak for about 20 minutes. I'm a sausage. I'm overdone. I've SEVEN WEEKS TO GO (though I told a nosey parker at the water park that I'm 39 weeks, as I stood under one of the sprinklers for relief...people are just trying to be sympathetic, but I just want them to go away!
Here are some delicious pix;

Brent thought I was the local juicy, but he thought wrong


Ayden enjoying his strawberry milkshake reward

Matthew was helping me make jam at this point, and I wanted a nice picture but he was really preferring to cry, so he has a weird look on his face. It really is torture to smile for a picture for your mother, folks. Just ask Matthew!

Matthew at the water park

Ayden at the water park

This is classic Matthew. Today was a bit much for Matthew to handle, I think. Ayden did something that offended him, and he was marching towards me to tell me his sob story (I was laughing so hard it was difficult for me to hold the camera still)

This is officially my FIRST PIE. You really can't get enough pictures of this gorgeous, delicious, work of art pie:


Roboseyo said...

i love your pictures of your happy boys.

you look great, too.

i'm glad you're enjoying your time off so wholly.

-love rob

Louise and Gary Chapman said...


Breanne said...

God, I thought the jam looked delicious, then I scrolled down to the pie! Drooooooool. It looks so good! PS: Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. Very sweet of you! :)

Roboseyo said...

come to Korea in July or August. The strawberries here are so delicious it's obscene: think of the three best strawberries in a Canadian box of strawberries, and then imagine a box where those three are the AVERAGE.