Saturday, June 28, 2008

HEAT WAVE and Wall-E

Okay, the temp jumped to 34 degrees today...good grief, being this pregnant in this kind of heat is no joyous experience! I love the sunshine, but I'm turning into a freaking sausage with the heat.
So this morning we woke up at a leisurely pace, had a wicked breakfast made by yours truly (wicked AND made by me; who knew this was possible?), and set off for the water park. We were there early enough to get a spot under a shady tree, which is a small miracle on a hot weekend, and Brent bought the boys boats to float down the creek, AND I brought cherries, so everyone was in seventh heaven.
Around one we headed home (sad to say, not walking...I'll resume my long distance walking habits after CB is born but for right now it's painful for me to walk more than about 3 city blocks, and I'm VERY slow and super cranky when I get this hot, so happy for the a/c in my car), ate a quick lunch, and went to a matinee movie as a family. We saw Wall-E, which I can say was an instant hit with ALL of us! Kudos to Pixar for getting it right. It is a story about Earth in 800+ years, after the people have left to live on a giant cruise ship-like space centre that rivals the Death Star in Star Wars. When the humans left, they set up a cleanup army of robots to compact and tidy the mountains of garbage excessive consumption has left behind (though, I must add, this excessive consumption/garbage production habit did not halt on the Death Star, so I'm not sure how much these people learned from their mistakes...). Well, the cleanup project took 695 years longer than expected, so at the time of the movie there is only one lonely robot still working away at compacting and tidying all that garbage.
A robot probe sent to earth to investigate for signs of habitable conditions sets off a chain of events surrounding this last garbage robot, Wall-E. This movie is hilarious, poignant, entertaining, clean of 'adult' humour or content, and has a wicked storyline. The first half of the movie has almost no dialogue whatsoever, and yet the story unfolds with stark clarity and humour. Actually, much of the movie's themes deal with the idea of communication. The people use lots of words and never connect. The robots use few words and build true relationships.
A stellar family movie, highly recommend it as a date/family event with your kids. Critics are apparantly declaring it an 'instant classic.'
My personal favourite scene is one in which the main characters wind up in the 'robot repairs' section of the ship, which is set up exactly like a psych ward in a hospital. I was almost crying I was laughing so hard (I've seen a few psych wards in my job--it was caricature, but it was so close to the truth it made me howl!), but I had to stifle it because NO ONE else in the theatre was laughing. Smiling, but not from the gut laughing like me. I've a dark side to my sense of humour. If we can't laugh at our crazy tendencies, we'll never survive intact, I say! I've a friend who wound up in the psych ward for a few weeks for postpartum depression a couple of years ago, and she says it was the most peaceful, relaxing place she's ever been. Sometimes she wishes she could go back, for a break from life! Anyways, there were some crazy robots in there. I've rarely laughed so hard.

Then some shopping ($1 flip flops at Old Navy! $30 birdfeeder at Home Depot! Dude, some deals were found today), then home for a 'breakfast supper' of waffles and strawberries.
Awesome day, all around.
The boys are in HEAVEN.
And dreamland.
Sleep well, babies, sleep well.
This is my favourite time of day.
Enjoying it while it lasts, before CB comes and interferes with 'post kids' bedtime/pre parents' bedtime' peace.


Dawn and Dale said...

Cool!! I LOVE great family days like these!!! :)

Thanks for the movie review!!! I want to take the boys to PG to catch a movie this summer but hadn't figured out which one to take them to yet! I hadn't even heard of Wall-E before your post tonight!

Sounds like one my boys would LOVE!! (They are a tad bit addicted to Star Wars!!) lol

Thanks again!

Roboseyo said...

wall-e hasn't arrived in korea yet, but I'm SO impatient. I adore pixar's stuff, and what I've seen so far of wall-e (sneak previews etc.) looks fantastic.

i love your happy day posts.