Friday, June 6, 2008

Lost: One Pound and One Small Boy (humorous post)

So when I went to see my midwife yesterday, I had lost a pound during the past two weeks, somewhere. NICE! Things are looking properly proportioned this pregnancy. My healthy eating and water aerobics are paying off.
C.B. (cute butt) has AGAIN flipped and seems now to have discovered the joy of somersaults, so I'm just going to not worry about his position in my belly for another 4-6 weeks or so, until closer to August.
Total weight gain so far at 29.5 weeks, 19 lbs.
Uterus measures 31 cm.
C.B.'s heart rate: 140.
My blood pressure; 104/64.
My iron stores are low and I've been having runs of rapid heartbeats/shortness of breath, which my midwife says is associated with high hemoglobin + low stored iron (me). I bought a very good, plant iron based, liquid, readily absorbable, ridiculously expensive iron supplement so hopefully that will help.
Ayden joined me at my midwife appointment and he was all over Sharon, asking her questions and telling her about 'his baby.' It's the most wonderful thing to see him sparkly eyed and excited over the birth of 'his baby.'

Today was busy. Brent off to work early, Ayden to preschool, Matthew and I home to pack, back to pick Ayden up, eat 'picnic' lunch in the car, visit dentist's office (wonderful, wonderful people work at our dentist's office; people who don't mind if you bring a pack of kids with you and they make a mess or play unattended in the waiting room (within reason). Then we drove directly to the ferry to take Matthew across to Victoria to visit his Auntie Megan for the weekend. This is his first overnight away without us (you know, besides the first 15 months of his life). Big event! He was so excited he was vibrating with joy. So Ayden and I purchased return trip tickets from the gift shop on the way over, and our plan was to exit the ferry as quickly as possible, install Matthew's carseat in Megan's boyfriend's car, and return to the ferry ASAP. The snag in this plan was; Ayden had to go poo.
We missed our boat because of the poo.
I was immensely proud of myself for NOT showing my '*F* the poo' attitude to Ayden. He knew I was upset that I missed the boat, but he did not get the connection between missing it and pooping.
Luckily the ferries were running every hour because it was Friday, and we did not have to wait long for the next one.
See, the embarrassing part was that when I discovered that the gates had closed for walk on passengers, I frantically waved our tickets and said, "But we already purchased our tickets! Is there any way to get on???" I got an emphatic no. So I grabbed Ayden's hand and ducked around the corner to the passenger offload doors and pried them open (they are automatic and open from the other side to allow passengers who have gotten off the ferry to exit the building), and tried to run down the stairs, directly disobeying this fartass who wouldn't let us in.
He chased me down.
I didn't get on the ferry.
I went outside and cried.
The thing is, I couldn't even understand why I was upset; we didn't have anything to get back for. No major crises. Nothing terrible. I think I was simply (a) fixated on getting back on the ferry, and (b) tired of travelling. Oh yes, and (c) supremely embarrassed for having pried open the doors and gotten chased down by Mr. Ticket Seller. Why did I do that? I don't really know. I just HATE it when people in customer service oriented positions refuse to help me, and/or emphatically say no, and/or seem to enjoy saying no. I work in health care. Despite this, I consider it my job to accommodate people as much as possible (I have reached my limit before, but rarely) and to always, always apologize if something can't be done. I learned that attitude as a coffee shop waitress at Butchart Gardens and it has always served me well. Dude who works for $18/hr selling ferry tickets can darn well have a better attitude about refusing people things (or getting me what I want, which I knew was still possible but he wasn't willing to do).
Five minutes after Matthew left Ayden felt a profound sadness at the 'loss' of his little brother. "Mommy, I miss Matthew. He's really good to have around, because he's always lots of fun. I can't wait till Matthew comes home!" Too cute.
According to my sister, Matthew is having a blast and doesn't miss us at all.
And we made it home in one piece.
Ayden had his first Coke on the ferry. Wow. Sugar + Caffeine + food dye=a very wild child.

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Jen said...

First, I have to confess that the title of this blog post made me nervous. One lost small boy? What? Which boy? Who's lost? The baby? What? No, she wouldn't post that like that if that were the case. Anyway, I quickly read the post to find what you were referring to. After I read CB was ok I'd thought I'd read about Ayden or Matthew getting lost or something. Anyway, I see now all is okay. Praise God.
So is it Floradix liquid iron that your taking? That stuff is awesome. I used to recommend it when I lived in the US. I wish I had some now 'cause my Hgb is slightly low and I hate taking FeSO4 but it's a necessary evil for some. And great job by the way! With the weight and your fundal height - I love all the details and knowing that they are just perfect! Way to go Mel!!