Friday, June 27, 2008

Mini Fest June 2008

The Langley/Surrey contingent of "The Nerds" gathered at our house for a 'selicious' barbeque this evening (selicious is an Aydenism). Fun was had all around, and the food was SO GOOD and I ate so much I'm about to burst or barf or something. Here are some pics. We missed the out of town Nerds! All our love to the Mexico division, Philippine division, and Ontario division xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo!

Here we have bubblefest in the backyard--it was HOT and GORGEOUS and perfect for a barbeque. Happy Canada Day long weekend, everyone!


Louise and Kai




Bennett and I bonding over bubbles (I think he's forgiven me for spraining his ankle on the slide several months ago)

Louise and Kai

Chef Brent

Kai and Gary

Sam and Bennett

Silly Matthew

Sam, Bennett, and Ayden

The three prego mommies (both 'skinny' mommies are being investigated for twins...the nerds are now multiplying at exponential rates! Forget this one baby at a time thing!), Louise, Me, and Torie

This is what my oh, so mature husband does in his spare time with a camera: (he's so proud of himself. I think this rivals Gary and Andrew's photography work, seriously!)


Big hits: eating outside, the 'cocks' (Bennett speak for trucks) in our backyard toy box, the bubbles, the balls in our toy box (Kai is crazy for balls), frisbee, delicious food, watermelon, and the season's first cherries.
Bummers: mosquitos, having to say goodbye :-(

We'd a wonderful time. Sometimes it feels weird to be grown up enough to have kids and barbeques and morgages and all that...isn't that what my parents do?


Breanne said...
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Dana said...

So sad we couldn't be there to join in the 'selicious fun!

Very nice photog Brent... very nice...

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Thanks for having us!!!

Jen said...

We are bummed to have missed out on the gathering. Looks like a spectacular day. I LOVE the prego bellies shot. Can't believe there may be 5 in the oven between the 3 of you. Whoa crazy if the Nerds grew by 7 in case we happen to get 2 (or more! Dana? Caroline?) in the next year or two! Populating the earth, one (or 2) nerds at a time.