Friday, June 20, 2008

Officially a Liar

I've begun lying to people about my due date.
I'm tired of hearing about how huge I am. Period.
Even if people don't SAY anything, their shocked expressions do it for them!
Yes I have a big, fat ass baby bump. SHUT. UP.

So, if people directly ask me when I'm due, I say "A few weeks" (9 can be a few, right?). If they ask me if I'm 'ready to pop' or 'due any minute' I just say yes. I'm officially a liar.


Sara, Leigh, Kaleb, Lola and coconut said...

Hey, don't worry about it, you should see the reactions I get. "You're only half way, you;ve got to be having twins!!!" Oh shut up you idiots, I'm just fat. At least you have less than 10 weeks to go. I still have 17, I won't even talk to people about it already.

Dana said...

You could say something like, "I guess you haven't read today's Sun; I'm the lady who's having octuplets." Or tell them that your last ultrasound showed the baby coming in near twenty pounds. See if you can amp up the shocked expressions a little.

Breanne said...

Lol...when I was pregnant I measured a truthful 4 foot 4 inches AROUND. And this was still a few weeks before I was due. Don't sweat it honey! :P

nancy said...

Hey, how about this reply "I'm not pregnant."
Meg and I were just saying how beautiful you are with your cute bump... actually Meg said it and I agreed!
love you
see you in 2 sleeps!

tamie said...

Excellent! Enjoy your lying phase.

Roboseyo said...

hang in there, mel. here in Korea it's considered a cute way of teasing a guy with a pot belly to insinuate that he's preganant. Girlfriendoseyo does it regularly, and several of my other female friends have also teased me about it.

I'm not sure if you're allowed to tease Korean WOMEN that way. I saw a lady two weeks ago who was maybe seven months along, and her baby pouch was the most perfectly round protuberance I've ever seen. It seriously, ACTUALLY looked like she had a basketball under her shirt.

I miss you.