Tuesday, July 29, 2008

37 weeks

Week Thirty-Seven
This week, the average size is about 6.3 pounds (2859gm) now and 19.1 inches (48.6cm) length.
She is official full term now but can still benefit from extra days in the womb.
Your baby continues to practice breathing movements. Isn't it amazing how she can breathe "under water?"
Grasp is firm now. It won't be long until you'll feel that strong little fist confidently grasping your finger (or tightly clenching your hair)!
A few weeks ago, your baby would move her eyes toward light. Now she turns towards light outside the uterus.
" As the uterine wall stretches and thins allowing more light to permeate, he develops definite daily activity cycles. You will want to be sure to establish good patterns yourself at this time, thus encouraging them in your child. Ever heard of a baby getting his days/nights mixed up? Now's the time to try to avoid that!


Janet said...


37!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come out and meet us soon, baby! :-) Well, not TOOOOO soon, mind you.

Breanne said...

I'm SO excited for when we can see REAL pictures of CB! So soon! :D

reside/ramsay's said...

Your last post is talking about "she". Did I miss something?


melissa said...

NO. CB is a boy unless 'she' was flipping us the bird from between 'her' legs! I just cut and paste from a website with developmental fetus info in it, and photos. Nice try though!

reside/ramsay's said...

just making sure i'm still in the loop - love you all - bonnie

Jen and Andrey said...

I've been thinking of you and praying for you and CB lots these days knowing you are so close to meeting each other. Know that I am praying for a smooth, uncomplicated labor and delivery; that you'd be able to get good rest in these last weeks; that you go into labor feeling relaxed and continue with a sense of peace and relaxation as you labor and dare I say it - that you enjoy your experience of giving birth. Yes, Lord! I'll keep praying. You're going to do GREAT, Mel! Your body is amazing and is PERFECT for birthing your newest son.