Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Done. Done. Done. (warning: whiney post)

Okay, at the water park today a couple walked past me with their kids, and the GUY asked me, "Wow, you're big. When are you due?" When I said "August" (I think I forgot to lie because I was so surprised to recieve this comment from a MAN), he said, "Are there two in there?" I shook my head. "BIG BABY!" he said and walked away. Do you think it could be considered ethical of me if I punched him? I wanted to. I punched him in my heart.
LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't wanna talk about it, I don't wanna laugh about it, I don't wanna commiserate about it. I want you to SHUT. UP. (not you; the public at large).

Aside from being hassled about my due date every time I go out in public, I really am done. Finished. Tired beyond tired--tired almost to tears today at the water park--of being pregnant. Get this parasite OUTTA ME! The ONLY comfortable position I have is lying down and even that is generally aweful unless I'm in my own bed with the requisite pillow arrangement. I'm hot enough to KILL someone (evidenced by my mood, as you can see), my skin is so tight on my belly it really feels like it might split open without warning, my girl parts hurt from the pressure, and I can't exert myself at all. All of this (and more) is bearable when the outdoor temperature hovers around 20 degrees. All of it is beyond Chinese torture at our current 30 degrees or more. Plus, dude, I have to pee ALL THE TIME. I've scoped out all potties in all stores in Langley, and all potties close to all parks. I'm TIRED of pissing in public potties. I'm TIRED of feeling as full as a camel and squeezing out 3 drops. I'm TIRED of pissing so often.
C.B. is kicking me to get me back for being a selfish whiney crazy lady.
We did actually have fun today. I just don't feel like talking about it!


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

The weather should be better/cooler for the next week so that should help a bit. I remember the last 3 weeks (but 7 weeks is a long time!) being really tough and crying about it too. Maybe you look bigger because its all just belly and nowhere else, you do look great!

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

PS I love that you update so much!

Roboseyo said...

hang in there mel.

Dana said...

awww, sweetie. Hang in there.

Tonya said...

With #3 - pregnant in the summer - I got the rudest comments from 6 months on. "Wow, when are you due?" Me: "3 months." "You mean 3 weeks, right?" You must be having twins ... You know the routine. The very worst part - it happened the most at church! I dreaded going.

I'm getting the comments again, but in lesser amounts. People don't tend to say much to me - guess I don't look nice. :-)

MamaMonk said...

Almost there!! I feel your pain! My girl was born on September 4th and I thought I would die of the heat. The trick? Three showers a day!!!

Can't wait to hear the news!!