Friday, July 25, 2008


I went to see my regular doctor's business partner today, as my dr is on holidays. He looked in my ear and said "Woah! That's the worst ear infection I've ever seen! Definitely infected, but not ruptured."
He gave me an 8 day run of amoxycillin (antibiotic), and for pain control, some Tylenol #3s (tylenol mixed with a narcotic).
I freaked out! A narcotic? I'm pregnant!
I called my midwife. Based on the amount of tylenol and ibuprofin I had to take last night to keep the pain under control (9000 mgs tylenol and 900 mgs ibuprofin over 13.5 hours...def. an overdose), she figures I'm better off taking the narcotic. So, I am.

No wonder I feel under the weather. Still hurts like hell, and my ear is ringing, and I can't really hear out of that side...but the pain is manageable with the T#3 (which I'm interspersing with ibuprofin in order to reduce the amount I have to take overall, and improve the T#3 effectiveness).
Keep praying!
thanks guys.

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Breanne said...

Totally sucky. I've had ear problems ALL my life and still do. I have permenant hearing loss and tinnitus to match.

And I know a thing or two about ear infections and the horrible pain that goes along with them. I feel for you I really do. Something that always helped me was a hot water bottle or bean bag against the ear.

Hope your better very soon. I will pray!