Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Showers of love for Baby Coconut

The reason I've not posted much in a few days is because I went to Victoria for a SURPRISE shower for my cousin Sara, pregnant with 'Coconut,' her baby #2. Our organizer, Kelsey, had set it up as a surprise and so I was stealth...I didn't mention it on my blog or on the phone or in an email (taking lots of effort on my part!!), I arranged to stay with my sister, and I went to Victoria and arrived early to help set up for the shower only to be told that SARA KNOWS!!!
Surprises are hard to pull over on Sara.
Anyways, we had a blast!
I volunteered to make the cake, and used Asheya's recipe for Cranberry Lemon Cake with Cranberry Lemon Mousse for icing.
My first attempt began at 9 p.m. (no room for mistakes), because my sister came home from work at 8 and I couldn't figure our her stove/oven on my own before she arrived. She suggested making the cake at her boyfriend's house, which is larger (Meg lives in a studio apt built in the 1920s or even before; the stove/oven is gas and TINY), so we lugged all the supplies over there. The problem was that my cake tins were too large and the batter recipe too small, so I wound up with two cranberry lemon pancakes of epic proportions! Here's a comparison of the pancake with the later, successful cake layer:

Not sure if you can really see how minimalist this first cake really was! A few millimetres at best.
So, at 10:00 I decided I needed to re-bake the cake, but we had not had supper yet so we went out for dinner first. And go to Safeway for more cake supplies, as I had premeasured my ingredients and brought them from home.
At midnight we tackled our second attempt at the cake, and Meg helped me grate lemon zest, etc, and (After adding another 20 minutes of cooking time) we had two gorgeous, fat, aromatic layers of cranberry lemon cake. We went home to Meg's place and fell into bed. In the morning I decided to add one of the flat layers to the top of the cake, making three layers (the other flat layer had been half devoured by myself and my sister the night before). I had half an hour to put together the components of this cake, and I totally pulled it off! LOOK AT THIS CAKE, PEOPLE!!!!! I am no chef, and I'm certainly no baker, but LOOK at what I DID! I'm seriously proud of myself:

We had an awesome time at the shower itself; the food was wonderful, the sun hot, the kids absent, the company amazing, and the games fun. There was enthusiasm all around for my cake (which, by the way, is whole wheat flour and not too much sugar, with whipping cream mousse instead of sugary icing...fairly healthy for a cake, I say!). Here are some pix:

FOOD...a preggers lady's best friend


Sara's #1 baby, Kaleb, with the gift we bought for him (sidewalk chalk)...he stopped by to say hi just at the beginning of the party (that's his dad, Sara's husband Leigh, behind him)

Beautiful Sara

Sara with my sister Megan

We played this awesome baby shower game where you pair up and each person is blindfolded, and one feeds the other applesauce. It was so funny that I cried watching Vanessa and Laura play (Vanessa's directive before playing was "We're not going to win (winner is fastest). The goal here is accuracy, NOT speed!") and they lost. It took them over 3 minutes to get thru a thing of applesauce!

And I laughed so hard playing myself that I almost peed my pants (thank heaven for keigel exercises! 100 a day!). I fed Meg. We won. There was applesauce EVERYWHERE but we're quite competitive so we kicked ASS!

Sara's team came in second. I won a jar of pickles. Meg got tums.

We also played a 'guess what kind of mother you are' game; I was Mother Mary, Sara Mother Superior, Laura Mother of Pearl, etc.

Kelsey, our hostess

Gift opening

The babies meet (they are 10 weeks apart)

The cake...I know the shower was NOT about my cake, but we just can't get enough images of my baking accomplishment here folks

And, when I got home yesterday Count Dracula and a pumpkin collared firefighter were playing football in my yard. Too cute;


Breanne said...

Oh, poo. The more pics I see, the more fun the shower looked. I can't believe I missed it! I swear, the pain of throwing my neck out could have competed with child labour! It was horrible. I'm better now...T3's help! ;)

Anyways, the cake looked like a masterpiece..congrats! :D

Sara, Leigh, Kaleb, Lola and coconut said...

I'm so glad you came to the party and the cake, which is getting an awful amount of attention, was fabulous. Our babies are due 8 weeks apart, not 10.

It was a great shower.

Janet said...

That looks like a BLAST!!!! Glad you had fun. The cake look delish.....

Asheya said...

you got to make the cake! it looks fabulous! my mouth is watering thinking about it....i love how you added the third layer - way to go for resourcefulness. check out my blog for my most recent creative baking project that didn't quite turn out the way i hoped.