Thursday, July 10, 2008

Smoking and shorcuts

This is Ayden's take on 'smokers' which is his word for cigarettes:

"But if they are unHEALTHY, why don't the stores stop SELLING them? Then nobody would have any SMOKERS!?"

I dunno, baby. I dunno. Here's another unanswerable one;

"If it's unhealthy, why do people smoke?"

I explained about addiction, but he still wanted to know why anyone would ever do it in the first place if they knew it was unhealthy. It is so logical to him that if something is unhealthy, you don't do it (although we still had an argument that afternoon about him wanting to watch more than one movie, which is our limit...our line for t.v./movies is that "t.v. is like junk food for your brain. Nice to have once in awhile, but unhealthy if you have too much of it"...yesterday, he pushed against this rule and its fact, he just came into the kitchen and pushed it again, so the "If it's unhealthy why do people do it?" question could be answered with this example!).

I've become big enough, tired enough, and short of breath enough to need to take some shortcuts around the house. Here are a few shortcuts I've been taking:
-not doing laundry until someone runs out of underwear, then doing just enough to wash the underwear
-taking the boys to the water park simply so that they will be entertained and I can lie down in the shade
-watching t.v.---yesterday afternoon I watched the last half of Dr. Phil and the first half of Oprah!!! I never do this (well, I have in the past but I don't have time or the inclination much anymore)!!! I just needed to lie down, and it happened to be 3:30 and I happened to think of Dr. Phil. Ayden did point out to me that t.v. is like junk food for MY brain, thank you oh wise one!
-leaving the kitchen dishes for my husband, who never does them for me, so I wind up doing them every second or third day and its a humungous job and I hate it and I think exceedingly grouchy thoughts about him the entire time I'm doing them (we have a 'deal' whereby he does dishes on his days off--HE invented this deal, but he never holds up his end of the 'deal' so he's evil)
-easy suppers. Panago pizza. Frozen lasagna. Olivieri pasta. BBQd anything.

My midwife told me that it sometimes helps encourage a baby to lie in the most efficient birth position if I spend some time belly down, so I've been trying. I crawl around to clean up toys. I read with my butt in the air and a pillow beneath my tummy, though it is hard on my knees so I can't do that for long. I sit on my computer chair with the chair backwards so I can lean forward. This I can sustain for the longest, though my belly gets red marks on it from leaning forward on the bars. They're quite funny! And my hands swell up from the pressure on the front of my shoulders.
It's best for birthing if baby lies with his spine facing away from my spine (back labour is from the pressure of baby's head and spine on yours), and for some reason belly down position encourages baby to lie with his spine away from mom's. If he's never in this position because I never sit/lie belly down, he might not like being in that position for birth! So, I'm giving it a shot.
I also swim laps once a week (and do water aerobics another time or two per week...the goal is exercise 3 x a week but usually I wind up in there twice), so I'm belly down for that too. Except when I do back stroke, I guess!

Also, Ayden is going to be there at CB's birth and I would like some video materials to help prepare him for what it's going to be like, visually. So I need to visit the library and see what they have.
Getting ready! Baby's clothes, cradle, change area, and cloth diaper system are prepped and waiting. His car seat is installed in the Matrix. Phone numbers ready. Name still up in the air, but the list has been shortened to two. My to do list is still long, but we're getting somewhere. Now, just hurry up and wait 5 1/2 weeks! Or 7 1/2, if he's late!


Janet said...

Getting there!

Ayden sounds like a smart kid! :-)

Hang in there! YOu're doing great!

Sara, Leigh, Kaleb, Lola and coconut said...

I know why how you sit makes a difference (I learned last night at prenatal yoga). His heaviest body part is his back which means he will naturally go back down based on gravity. So if you spend lots of time on your back, or reclining the baby's back will be against your back. Child's pose in yoga is a really good way to sit. Also, with your second pregnancy, they say that baby will often engage a lot later so you have up until 2 weeks before your due date to change his position.

I know all about the shortcuts. It's so hot, popsicles are my best friend and the curtains stay closed all day. However, my house has to be spotless for showings and I start summer school next week in a non-air conditioned building. Gross.

Tonya said...

I had back labor with #1. Yuck.

I'm so glad Ayden will be at the birth. My kids are always welcome at the births. The girls are so excited again! :-)

We are outside of St Louis this morning. I'm dealing with a very stinky Josiah - he's had nasty poops this whole trip. I usually give him probiotics, but ran out before we left. Now the boys are arguing (loudly) while the girls are trying to sleep. JOY. Pray for me - driving from 11-2 is very hard - I just want to lay down and nap!!!