Thursday, July 10, 2008

sytycd update

So you think you can dance??

Katee and Joshua (my favourite couple) did two dances; first, a Viennese Walz to the Goo Goo Dolls which was gorgeous but softly criticized by the judges for lack of ballroom technique . Second, a freaking BOLLYWOOD DANCE ROUTINE!!!!!!!!!! Who doesn't love Bollywood these days? It was FANTASTIC and the dancers brought the perfect combination of chemistry, energy, personality interpretation, and strength of technique (dude? Who has strength of technique in a dance style they've never danced before??)--it was very beautiful and very popular. They are safe, naturally.
The thing that I find interesting about Katee is that offstage she is very quiet. Reserved. Difficult to read. Almost cold.
Onstage, she is a different person to a degree that I've not seen before! She's brilliant, radiant, warm, emotionally complex, deep, self assured, and has stage presence like Margot Fontaine. The transformation is nothing short of fascinating.

Jessica and Will first danced the most beautiful piece, a contemporary piece about love, with not a moment of cheesy, stock character, or stereotype. It was my second favourite dance EVER on this show (my first fave made me cry; the Hummingbird and the Flower from last season)--gave me goose bumps. I gaped. I held my breath the whole piece. Ohhhh, beautiful.
Their second piece was a foxtrot (the famous killer style...everyone who dances it gets poor votes), which DID kill them...they wound up in the bottom three (almost wonderful because then we get to see them dance a solo in their preferred style, which makes for an excellent show). The foxtrot was no good, but they danced their hearts out and I gave them a freebie because their first dance was so magical.

These were the folks in the bottom three;

Komfort, thayne
Jessica, Will
Kerrington, Twitch

Yup, I love this show. Dance, dance dance, dance!!!!

My favourite male dancer this season (Joshua) is Canadian. He's from Montreal! Go Canada!! It's happenstance that I like him best, not patriotism. I only found out he is Cdn yesterday, and I liked him best before.

All around, I still think last year was better.

A word about the MEN on this show: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW...anyone who thinks dance is for girls/gay guys/sissies, hasn't watched real men dance real dance. Dude. ALL of them have more flexibility than I had at the top of my game, and of course they are stronger. RIPPED. Masculine. Even when doing ballet moves.

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Sara, Leigh, Kaleb, Lola and coconut said...

You'll never guess who shares your enthusiasm for the show - Kaleb. Every time I'm watching it, he gets out of bed or has extra long snuggles just to watch the dancing.