Friday, July 11, 2008

This weird thing

Some pregnant women experience this weird thing where they want to eat non food items. I've heard of women wanting to eat coal, toilet paper, perfume, or their husband's skin (which has all sorts of psychological ramifications). Last time I was pregnant, I wanted to eat the laundry soap. Brent would come in the laundry room and find me with my head in the box of soap, smelling it. Mmmmmmmmmmm, delicious! It was so tempting to stick out my tongue and take just a few crystals and eat them, but for obvious reasons I didn't. I met a woman once who loved the smell of toilet paper when she was pregnant, and wanted to eat it--and so she did take a bite! She said it tasted aweful. But the funny thing is, a few days later she tried it again!!!
Anyone know what this phenomenon is called?
This time, for me, it is our kitchen garbage bags. They have some sort of deoderizer on them, and every time I change the garbage I stick my head INSIDE the new bag so I can smell it and smell it and smell it! I have not actually licked it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if I did, one of these days. Knowing it is a GARBAGE bag might be the only thing that keeps me from doing it.
We don't use the same type of laundry soap anymore, but I suspect the garbage bags are made with the same scent, because it reminds me of the old laundry crystals.
Don't throw me in the loony bin just yet--this is a documented phenomenon that happens to lots of pregnant women! But not all.


Dana said...

I belong to the "not all" category. I didn't really have anything weird in terms of food (or non-food). I just succumbed more easily to the usual desire for chocolate.

The last few years I've been avoiding scented anything- laundry detergent, soap, garbage bags, you name it. And now those scents give me a headache almost right away! I totally can't imagine sticking my head in a garbage bag, pregnant or not! :)

Sara, Leigh, Kaleb, Lola and coconut said...

nope, you're looney. Lock her up folks, she's lost it. Garbage bags?? That's so disgusting. Wasn't you that loved the smell of gas too? Or am I thinking of someone else? Bonkers.

melissa said...

Ha ha!!! It IS disgusting, although there's nothing IN the garbage bag at the time that I have my head in it, so really it's not actually dirty yet.
NO, I HATE the smell of gas and always have. My sister likes it.

As for the perfumes; I use soap and detergent that has no scent added to it too (although they still smell like something other than air)--and that is why I cannot immerse my head in the detergent box this time around. The garbage bags have it in them but obviously it does not bother my head since I stick my head IN them whenever they're empty!
I should get B to take a picture of me smelling the garbage bag and you all can see a visual of the experience! It's quite funny! But seriously, SOOOOOOOOOO yummy.

Don't lock me up yet! I haven't resorted to actually eating them, like that lady with the toilet paper!

Roboseyo said...

I have a friend who took a taste of her apple scented shampoo. didn't taste like apple at all.

wow! you turn into a goat when you're pregnant! I had no idea.

Asheya said...

i think it's called pica.

Jen & Andrey said...

Yep. That's it. Pica. It may be an indication of a mineral deficiency but that isn't always the case. Are you getting enough iron? Here's the definition from Taber's Medical Dictionary:
pica = An eating disorder manifested by a craving to ingest any material not normally considered as food, including starch, clay, ashes, toy balloons, crayons, cotton, grass, cigarette butts, soap, twigs, wood, paper, metal, or plaster. This condition is seen in pregnancy, chlorosis, hysteria, helminthiasis, and certain psychoses. It may also be associated with iron-deficiency anemia. The importance of this condition, the etiology of which is unknown, stems from the toxicity of ingested material (e.g. paint that contains lead) or from ingesting materials in place of essential nutrients. The inclusion of compulsive ingestion of non-food and food items such as licorice, croutons, chewing gum, coffee grounds, or oyster shells as examples of pica is controversial.