Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today's Pix

Okay, Ayden helped me by taking this photo of me this morning when I changed the garbage, so you could all laugh at my Pica:

The boys have access to their dressup clothes again (they've been in storage since December, when I replaced the carpets) and have managed hours of entertainment. Here is a pic of Ayden the clown (his clown nose is from Cirque du Soleil, which I took him to see last weekend and which I've yet to post about...let's just say AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME!):

And the two of them; Count Dracula the Clown ready to operate your mitre saw, and his pet caterpillar:

After dressup, we went out and bought some of these:


In very short order, this:

Because of these:

Became this:

and soon this:

Good times had by all.

I saw my midwife this morning:
Pregnant 35 wks, +4 days.
Fetal heart rate, 140.
Fundal height, 37 cm.
Total wt gain, 28 lbs (ack).
Bp 110/70.
Swabbed for group B strep status.
Discussed: Vitamin K administration to newborn (I was contemplating refusing this but my midwife informed me that there is an oral Vit. K that can be used as well, so I will go for that option instead of an injection), PKU test (also can be done by midwife when baby is 24 to 48 hours old), and antibiotic eye drops (which I'm still thinking about refusing, even given the option to wait for an hour or so after birth, b/c they interfere with newborn vision for a few hours after administration. Plus, I know I don't have gonorrhea/chlamydia, which is what they are for. Unless Brent's been messing around on me with a germy girlfriend that I don't know about, and I have a totally symptomless infection I don't know about!! Unlikely!!! Haha!). Also discussed the treatment of GBS if swab comes back positive (conventional treatment includes IV antibiotics x 2 doses). I don't want to labour with a saline lock in my hand so I'll opt for 2 pokes rather than one (I'm refusing the required routine IV saline lock for all hospital VBACs too...and continuous fetal monitoring during labour, also required routine procedure for VBACs--aren't I the high maintenance patient???)
I've done my homework, and I know what I want/don't want based on risk/benefit ratio.

Now, Mr. Cute Butt. A few more weeks, and then you make an entrance, nice and gentle, no complications. Okay? Looking forward to seeing you!


Breanne said...

So, is it pronounced pick-a,
Peek-a, pee-sa, pi-sa? how do you say pica?

melissa said...

I dunno, I was wondering that myself!!

Roboseyo said...

1. those berries made me so jealous! (I'm a bit sad none of those blueberries found their way into a pie or pancakes, my two favourite ways to blueberry myself wacky.)

2. cirque du soleil -- yeah. oh yeah.

3. re: the pica picture -- you know, that baby's finally starting to show, Mel. Must be exciting for you!

4. brent and the germy girl: naw. of course not. don't be silly. Brent would only cheat on you with CLEAN girls. :P

love you mel. this post really made me happy. I'm so jealous, both of your berries, AND your dress-up clothes.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I love your belly! The stats all look good, I think 28lbs is great for where you are at. I didn't know there was an option for vitamin D besides the oral drops which is what we used and it was really easy. I can't believe you went to Cirque de Soleil, I love it so much. Love it.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Oh boy, Vitamin K not brain is a little off already:)

melissa said...

heehee~ bu-bu-bu-BABY BRAIN! Gotta love it!

Sara, Leigh, Kaleb, Lola and coconut said...

I refused the eye drops, didn't seem to effect K at all. The PKU was done later, at home and we did the Vitamin K. I'm praying for no gbs this time so that I can avoid the iv altogether.

You look great despite being a weirdo with your head in the garbage.

Dana said...

We refused the eye drops, and I don't remember what we did wrt vit K.

Love the beautiful belly!

Tonya said...

We didn't do vit K or drops with any of ours. Can't remember about the pku - it's just a stick in the heel for a blood test, right? I believe it is "mandated" here, so we did it, but I went to my pediatrician to have it done. The vit K I would only do if we were having a circ done right after birth.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm doing a bit better. My stomach was so messed up after traveling - eating differently and not sleeping normally really did me in.

Birth - oh yeah, I have to give birth soon. Ummm, really not thinking about it much. I don't feel afraid, just too tired to think about it. We don't have a name picked out either. So many huge decisions right now, that just feels like one more! :-)

Oh, the great-aunt is on my Mom's side. Brent didn't miss anything. :-)